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Jason Alexander  i hope u step on lego and die


@elvaderista took the best picture. 10/10 will ask again.

when u pour all effects, gotta be a bit more extra.

pic of me playing it cool and keeping my mild fear of heights under wraps.
Ps : weather chill af

elsa, where's my baguette?

all these magazines, but u still left me on read.

happy birthday mom, we share the same birthday. im not good at giving suprise, so yeah that's it.
Ps :mom said my hairstyle looks good.

thanks guys, I'm old enough to say that I love you all. Happy seventeen for me.. *kok donutnya satu pack aja y

i miss doing stupid shits.

3 fatass & healthy boy.

mom, don't worry. we're innocent sweet summer childrens.

Better "oh shit, can't believe we've actually do this" , rather than "we should've done that blablabla". #noregrets

Ps : sebelah gw kuntilanak

3 laooo eeeee

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