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So last post before witnessing the End. Daenerys tragic turn.  Is it rushed? Yeah, well since they passed the source material, the show itself is rushed.  Is it wrong? Probably not. It’s just heartbreaking.  We love her, cheered for her, grieved with her.  And Emila Clarke was perfect.
Many have pointed to her past brutality in the past, but there was always some measure of justice to it.  The Madness first germinated when she came to Westeros. When Jon finally meets her, she can’t hear him out because she just wants him to ‘bend the knee’ citing her claim to the throne.  But when she realizes Jon has a greater claim, she wants to cover it up.  The madness has sprouted.
How could she have prevented it?  To her credit, she would often consider whether her actions tomorrow would be right.  What she never wanted to do was consider whether her actions yesterday were wrong.
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Another tidbit from my conversation with George R.R. Martin that I found insightful.
Tyrian’s chain.  Okay the art here looks pretty lame, but the point was just to get the concept down and send it off.  I got very little input from the production itself, so I would mostly rely on my familiarity with the books. For the 1st season I created loads of comps that featured Starks and their Dire wolves.  Until I finally got a note: ‘enough of the wolves. We’re not doing much of that, not in the budget.’ For the 2nd season, I created these Tyrion Chain comps. In the book, Tyrion commissions this huge chain and we don’t know why until the Battle of Blackwater. When Stannis’ fleet is first hit with Wildfire. When they try to retreat, Tyrian’s chain rises out of the bay’s entry, trapping them, and instead of moderate losses, they are annihilated.
So I asked George “What happened to the Chain? It was the coolest twist: ‘Now you Can’t leave’!” He said, “Yeah that was cool. Not in the budget”  I said, “Wait, All those incredible Wildfire effects, but they couldn’t squeeze a few more bucks for a chain in the water? He shrugged, put up his hands “Not in the budget”
Point is: the production itself can be obstinate. Plot lines and development often get rushed or compromised.  When we are frustrated with the show that’s usually why.  I’ve had conversations with cast and members of the production that have expressed similar frustration. #got #blackwater #gameofthroneshbo #tyrionlannister #grrm

In light of the interest and kind comments on my last post, I thought I’d pass on another part of my conversation with George RR Martin in 2012 that I found insightful.  He mentioned that he would be on set the following week, but was dreading it.  He hung his head, “I do not want to see what I have to see.” I asked “They’re shooting the Red Wedding?” He replied with the resignation of a man who needs to put down a beloved, ailing pet, “It’s going to break my heart.  It was hard enough the first time.” I said, “but you wrote that scene” I heard how lame that sounded.  He said, “And I created those characters. They’re like my children, I love them. But it’s part of the story that must be told.”
A year later when The Rains of Castamere aired, and jokes and memes sprouted up that GRRM gleefully kills his characters, even George played along in interviews, but I knew better.
Which leads me to my take on the current GOT outrage. (To be cont.) #got #grrm #gameofthrones #michellefairley #catelynstark #redwedding

For a while I worked on Marketing for Game of Thones. One of many people coming up with ideas and throwing them up the chain. Sometimes the ideas were used but watered down, sometimes reworked into something better. One of my favorites was initially passed on but made it into the show itself. The idea was for the second season. A map of Westeros would be painted on the floor and the actors in character would stand where that character currently was. Then photos would be taken from different vantage points, highlighting different characters. I thought it’d be a great series of images. It could also make a great video bumper for the show itself. It was passed on, but it was pitched by someone several steps removed who didn’t understand what they were looking at. About a year later I was having a conversation with the man himself George R.R. Martin. I showed him some of my GOT work including the floor map pitch images posted here. He liked those especially. He had this delighted, crackly laugh. And he kept going back to these images. Finally he said “We’re going to use this”. I said, “Well HBO already passed”. He said, “WE are going to use this.” He saw that I still didn’t follow him. “..you’ll see”. I later met his assistant “George really likes your map idea”. I still didn’t know what was going on. Until season seven, when Cercei has her floor map painted. I saw that episode by myself and could only exclaim “Heeey!” To a room empty save for my cats. And they were unimpressed. #tbt #got #westeros #westerosmap #grrm #gameofthrones

Happy Star Wars day! I took this selfie vid when I first arrived and saw the Mural for myself. It took 2 months to do, all day everyday. Halfway through I seriously feared I wouldn’t make it, it’d be a disaster and I’d let everyone down. The final 5 day push, I slept a total of 3 hours. Throughout I visualized this moment. Once I was actually there, it was just surreal. #maythe4thbewithyou #starwars #starwarsmural #starwarscelebration #starwarsday

Who can name this character? #got

Cersei, back when she had long hair, children and an ounce or two of compassion. A day or so after I painted this, I was on a flight where @iamlenaheadey was sat across the aisle from me. Besides a smile and a nod, we didn’t interact, but I was struck by 1-how beautiful she is in person. She glows. And 2 -how kind she is. An older man she didn’t know was next to her, and like her, flying alone. He didn’t recognize who she was. Throughout the flight, she doted on him, making sure he was comfortable, asking about his family. Such a contrast to the badasses she plays on screen. #got #cerseilannister #lenaheadey

Seriously how great is this character? From @jamesgunn ’s MCU creation to @andyparkart ‘s beautiful design, to the development by McFeely, Markus and the Russos. And @karengillanofficial performance that can go from wild to nuanced, is incredible. #nebula #nebulaart #mcu #endgame #guardiansofthegalaxy #karengillan #avengers #avengersendgame #infinitywar #makeminemarvel

If you’re @calgaryexpo our booth is at 836. I’m stuck at home still sick, with my nap buddy Jake. But Lena is holding down the fort. Stop by, tell her a joke, compliment the Avengers dress she made. #calgaryexpo

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