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when reasons sleep demons dance

night i lost the will to fight


everything’s alright when you’re down

all talk
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september 11th 2001. i had just bought a house out of the city and took the train into grand central. I was running to an early am meeting listening to music as the first plane flew over my head, I thought at the time “why the fuck is that plane flying so low”. as i walked into my office near herald square about 8:50, no one was in office. someone said a small plane had hit the world trade. the full news hadn’t broke, i didn’t put it together. I grabbed my camera (contex G2) and thought fuck it no one is here I’m going down and take some photos. not knowing what had really happened. I jumped into a taxi and made it to tribeca after the second plane hit. shock set in, I kind of blanked out and started shooting photos. it was all moving in slow motion it felt like a horror movie of a dream. I couldn’t hear any sound, I remember looking at strangers faces and seeing fear, shock, a guy on roller blades had a radio and he was yelling out what the news was saying. i couldn’t hear. i kept shooting photos in a daze. i think about it now and feel guilty about shooting photos but it’s what i did. my life and nyc were never the same, i didn’t shoot photos for a year after that. I have the two rolls of film from that morning still sitting in my closet undeveloped. i don’t ever want to see it again.

september 11

before we were lost.


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“in october” color blind gallery

before we were lost

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reasons for knocking at an empty house

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