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Jason Leo Bantle  Founder/Owner of All in the Wild and AITW Land Fund 🇨🇦Canadian Nature/Conservation Photographer M.Sc. Ecology #respectnature #allinthewild

Big boy! Awesome to see this fella just off the roadway having some fun. The dust bath was helping his insect situation. These individuals require respect and photographing from the safety of the van was a nice convience. Hard to believe there use to be millions of these majestic individuals throughout our awesome country! Loving this adventure! 'KICK THE DUST UP'!

The raven is common throughout Canada. I have really been enjoying these crafty birds throughout my travels. Part of the corvid family they are one of the most intellegent birds. In folklore they are known as messengers, their variety of calls really is neat! Stay tuned everyone and watch my story as I travel further and further north in Canada, enroute to Inuvik and beyond by van. When cell service allows I will update my adventures!

Just leaving Alberta on my next adventure. Had a quick visit at my Alberta galleries in Canmore and Banff! These smoky scenes seem to be more common as of late. The diffuse light with the sun rays breaking through the clouds accents the ominous feeling forest fires can feel like 100s of kms away. Do you feel like these scenes are getting more common?

Have you visited our new website yet?!?!? Head over to allinthewild.com now to check out all of the great new features!

It’s official, our brand new website is live! This image, “Having a Bad Feather Day” says it all, head over to allinthewild.com now to find out more about what All in the Wild is about!

Our big annoncement is....drum roll please.....A NEW AND IMPROVED WEBSITE! We have been working hard to create a beautiful, user friendly website with lots of great content and features and it is almost complete! We can't wait to share this new site with you next week, so stay tuned for more details!

HAVE YOU HEARD?!?! All in the Wild has a major announcement coming to you tomorrow! Stay tuned (and get excited!)

We are family! I hope everyone has the opportunity to share some time this weekend with friends or family in the great outdoors! My great great great grand raccoons have left and are out on a grand adventure of discovering their new world. I hope the world is kind to them!

I am so lucky to have my backyard filled with nature all the time! There are a number of red squirrels who live there and this one almost got a big surprise when he was investigating the Squirt Shack!

I posted a picture of Squirt a couple of days ago, she was an orphaned raccoon that I took in, raised, and eventually released back into the wild. It was 12 years ago that I released her from the "Squirt Shack", a shed that I have on my property where she lived, and this year some new residents moved in. I assume they are decedents of Squirt, making them my great, great, great grandkids! It's been an awesome experience watching them over the last while and I'm looking forward to seeing how grow and develop! Stay tuned!

This orphaned raccoon that I named Squirt loved this little log home that I built for her. Instinctively she felt safe in the small, dark space. As I raised her, I tried to keep her environment as natural as possible in preparation for her eventual release. A year after this photo was taken, Squirt returned to the wild!

Thank you to everyone who made it out to our Toronto gallery grand opening event this past Saturday! We had a great night, and can’t wait until the next one!

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