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the kids and I would like to give a very big thank you for the many kind birthday wishes today. from skateboarding to acting to photography, the support has meant a lot to us ... #47

exhibition preparations ... #4x5 #kodakvericoloriii, expired 2000, on @redriverpaper's amazing 17x22 palo duro cotton rag soft gloss paper #speedgraphic #epsonp800 #filmphotographic

texas prints starting to get framed (thanks to @stevereevesmsp / @erinreevesmsp). these four 17x22 limited edition prints will be on display at @kettleart gallery in dallas may 11th as part of a group exhibition. my solo exhibitions to follow in june (fort worth) and july (austin) | #4x5 #kodakportra160vc #kodakpro100 #speedgraphic #filmphotographic

another from highway 90, west texas. the combination of the expired film (2004), a stop of overexposure, and using an old kodak ektar lens is what creates this muted, painting-like quality. this is an untouched scan | #4x5 #kodakportra160vc #speedgraphic #filmphotographic

more skateboards ... the three @stereoskateboards / @filmphotographic photo boards we put out in january are back in stock. featuring polaroid / fuji instant and ilford hp5 photos - stereosoundagency.com | designed by @ronrauto #stereosince92 #filmphotographic

@jimgreco, a favorite skateboarder / artist of mine, has a guest model for #blueskateboards available at @primewood.la. blue is the short-lived company that @chrispastras and I had before starting @stereoskateboards in 1992. good to see it going again ... #chetbaker

trailer park no. 1 on the amazing #agfascala film. little side project I'm playing with. scala is back and @dr5chrome processes it. incredible film | #mamiyarz67 #120film #filmphotographic

trailer park no. 2 on the amazing #agfascala film. little side project I'm playing with. scala is back and @dr5chrome processes it. incredible film | #mamiyarz67 #120film #filmphotographic

the lobby of the warrick plaza inn, plainview, texas, april 2, 2017, moments before checking into room 203. started in marfa that morning. a lot of miles and exposures that day. woke up the desk clerk, paid for my room and asked if I could make a quick photograph inside. small space, with the camera on tripod taking up what felt like half of it. desk clerk didn't quite know what to make of the old #speedgraphic and watched me curiously as I tucked my head under the dark cloth ... #4x5 #kodakvericoloriii #filmphotographic

highway 90, west of comstock, texas, march 31, 2017. from the forthcoming book | #4x5 #kodakportra160vc #speedgraphic #filmphotographic

it's #polaroidweek2017. such a special medium, and a nice way to celebrate it here on instagram. the films I used when I first started documenting california back in 2006 were #8x10polaroid. the large format polaroid films are some of my favorite. shame to see them gone. this photo on the big film outside of bakersfield, ca, october 25, 2006 | #polaroid804 #8x10camera #filmphotographic

one of my favorite places I photographed for the texas series, and probably the least populated downtown of any city I think I've ever visited, was odessa. one well-preserved interesting old building after another, yet with streets so empty the occasional passing car would simply drive through the red lights. quite a few places throughout texas with scenes like this one that felt like abandoned movie sets from a bygone era. #4x5 #kodakportra160vc #speedgraphic #filmphotographic

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