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@marcmartel is joining me on my Christmas tour this year, and one of his many talents is that he can do a mean Queen/Freddy Mercury cover. Check this out on YouTube. (and then check out his kick starter campaign for his new record) #marcmartel #queen #freddymercury #dontstopmenow #christmasiscoming

Instead of food pics, I thought maybe I'd post "food I just ate" pics.
This was a smoothie bowl made of kale, spinach, banana, acai, sweet potato, avocado, blueberries… Etc...
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I'm excited to announce that my old friend @marcmartel and my new friend @_hannahkerr are joining me for my Christmas tour! Hannah is an artist on the rise with songs like "Warrior", and Marc Martel is legit one of the greatest singers in the world (don't take my word for it, look him up on YouTube and see why he is Celine Dion's favorite vocalist :-) Coming to a city near you, dates will be posted soon. If you would be interested in bringing us to your church, contact GOA booking. Link in profile #christmasiscoming #christmasinjuly #christmas #seeyousoon

Whoa... such a busy day today that I almost missed following through on my promise to post wisdom quotes on #wordofwisdomwednesday! I'm making it happen just in time, and with the naked honesty of Thomas Merton. (this was originally posted by my friend @mattingle24 a few weeks ago.) #thomasmerton #thomasmertonquote #wisdomwednesday

What could @joshhavens of @theaftersofficial and I be talking about? Stay tuned...

I'm coming to Hillfest in New Hampshire just week! You should come too!
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VIP lanyards are in! The VIP experience at Hillfest is going to be awesome! VIP tent, VIP catering, VIP seating, Meet & Greet photo with artists, early gate access & VIP parking and more!! Seriously, don't miss this!

I love quotes and I love wisdom, so I thought I would try to post at least one quote a week for #wordofwisdomwednesday.
First up: this one by Aristotle that I think about often. I encounter people (and sometimes I am this person) who give so much energy to defending their position that there is no room in their mind to consider where someone else is coming from. But conversations seasoned with empathy, compassion, and a desire to understand others are so much more fruitful--whether about politics, theology, relationships, etc.
It is not compromise to consider somebody else's position--it is wisdom. If we are aligned with the truth, there is no threat. If we aren't aligned with the truth, someone else's insight might get us closer to it.
Defensiveness is usually a symptom of some underlying fear. When I find myself being defensive, it's helpful for me to ask what it is that I'm afraid of in that moment. When somebody else is defensive, it's helpful to ask the Holy Spirit to help me be sensitive to their fear and to listen and speak in a way that brings peace.
I tend to believe that truth is strong enough to defend itself. It doesn't need me :-). Remembering this helps me to relax and be able to entertain other people's thoughts and enter their reality. Whether my mind is changed or not is secondary to seeking to understand and meet a person where they are at. This is the work of wisdom. In my experience it is also the work of love.

One of the greatest gifts in my life has been getting to be a @centricitymusic artist. What John said:
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When Centricity first began to be an idea and for a few years after, the “office" was our house which was fine since there were only 2 or 3 of us to get together if we needed to have a meeting.
As we grew, Caren asked Dianne to begin looking around in Franklin to see if she might be able to find us a place that could offer some more space for our dreaming and doing. Dianne found this house - 139 2nd Ave N. in Franklin, and we moved in in 2008 with two love seats and a couch purchased from Big Lots as our primary pieces of furniture.
That little team of 6 or 7 has now outgrown this place, (or, "the little red house" as we began to call it) and today, its time to move again. It won’t surprise you to learn that for me, this comes with a mixed cup of excitement and sadness.
Songwriting great Jimmy Webb wrote one of my favorite songs called “If These Walls Could Speak” and boy does it hit home today. Because if these walls could speak, they would tell tales of hillarious laughter and tragic loss. Tales of great celebration and profound disappointment. Of amazing individual effort and of utter dependence on each other. Personally, some of my highest highs, and lowest lows were experienced here, but these walls would remind all of us of how much we've grown and how at times, we were left speechless in the acknowledgment of what God was doing among us.
I grew to love the little red house, but more importantly, I grew to love the people in it, and that would be the best story the walls would tell. That good people are what make a good place, and these amazing people, our artists, writers and staff, have made 139 2nd Ave N. a very, very good place.
So much of what make up all these memories - the people, the music, the songs (SO many songs), plus all the dreams and ideas, will go with us to our new home. Of course it won’t be the same, but it will be an exciting opportunity to make brand new memories and to explore new ways of enabling our artists to create life-changing experiences for the world.
So goodbye little red house...

The clouds were showing in hi-def tonight (use the zoom filter for a closer look--they look animated!) #nofilter #campshetek #campshetek2017 #clouds #cloudstagram

Camp Sheteking with this dude #campshetek #campshetek2017 #poolshark #downtimeatwork

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