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Jason Caine — 1st Phorm  Just a regular dude from the Midwest working to build something awesome with his friends everyday. 🃏Jack of All Trades at 1st Phorm #IAM1STPHORM


Repost from @chasejarvis .
What matters is the WORK! (tag a friend who knows it or a friend who needs it!) 🔥🔥🔥

Just another day at the office here at 1st Phorm. Spent the afternoon in the back end of a raper van taking turns grabbing @davidmullis and @mai_tyler by their underwear. But all for a good cause ... to make sure they didn't die hanging out the side of the van while shooting some absolutely sick footage of @andyfrisella new Ford GT. Final product coming soon ... keep your eyes peeled on @andyfrisella page!

Got a chance to get after it with a full auto MP5K last weekend. What a blast ... literally! 💥💥💥#fullautofriday

Got some wheel time on the John Deere out at Frisella Farms today. Tried to mow straight lines, but everything leans to the left in my world. 😂😂😂 #pirateleg

I hate the word "hustle."
I despise the word "grind."
I can't stand it when people brag about "being busy."
Don't brag about being busy ... that is not a symbol of success.  To me that is just a sign that you're inefficient with your time or have a lack of priority.  When people brag to me about "being busy," I actually hear them say, "I am being unproductive." The ability to find many tasks to over-occupy a schedule doesn't make you valuable to a business ... Your ability to generate results for your team thru your work is what makes you valuable.
You shouldn't be proud of just "being busy" ... instead brag about the results of your work.
And if you can't brag about the results of your work ... there might not be anything to brag about yet.
That's OK though.  Evaluate your systems, prioritize your tasks, find out what's occupying your time. Then focus on what's creating the positive outcomes ... and do more of that.
(I'll save my "hustle" and "grind" rants for another day.) 😂

If you missed our #iam1stPhorm announcement the other day on Facebook, then you also missed that for the rest of 2016 ... We're looking for the next 1st Phorm Athlete to represent the brand and we are doing a $50,000 Athlete Search!
We're not like the other brands. We don't pay "fitness celebrities" that jump from brand to brand and pretend like they got where they are today by using our products. That's fake, dishonest and selfish ... and that's not who we are!
We select people that actually use our products and represent our values, not just because that's what being sponsored should be about, but because that's the right thing to do. We choose to build our brand around the people who help make our brand what it is - a community of real people that genuinely care about helping other people get results.
Join the movement ... and help us make a change!! Link in bio. 👊🏼💥

Had to bust out some Coors Light for the back-stretch of the SummerSmash2016.com site build and testing.  Came down to the final stretch:  You don't know it, but our main man Sheldon was in there fixing errors and testing it until 5:57PM.  It was pretty high stress in here about 5:56PM.  But he pulled her out and got it done ... and come game time at 6:00PM it was smooth as glass ... well considering we had tens of thousands of people slamming the site all at once! LOL!

2016 Summer Smash is SOLD OUT ... in a hair under 3 minutes!!! Thanks to everyone who battled it out online for the Golden Tickets.  I'm super-pumped to see you all in June.  It's gonna be a party you won't forget ... That much I promise you!! #Summersmash2016 #beerme

Finished up a great book today. I love the main principle: To be successful, you've gotta be able to look in the mirror and realize there's nobody to blame. To get everything in your world in order you've got to take charge of everything that affects your mission. #extremeownership #acceptresponsibility

You know the company you work for is cool as fuck when the #mfceo whips a gun case out of the trunk of his Rolls Royce to show you two bad ass new guns he just bought ... and then just gives you one of them.
That just defines his style of generosity though ... Buy 2 of everything bad ass and share one with a friend. Thank you @andyfrisella for the generous gift. #manlygifts #justanotherdayattheoffice

Fitness ... It doesn't count if you don't post about it, right? 😂 After an extremely long hiatus from the gym, I'm done with the excuses on why I'm too busy to get there. I've been getting there almost every day no matter what over the last two weeks and getting back into the swing of things and feeling great! Nude progress selfies to follow at a later date. 💪🏼👊🏼💥 #mytransphormationstartstoday #transphormation

66º in #STL on a Saturday in January ... I'll take that. Perfect day to take the German out to stretch her legs. She's been stuck in the garage way too long. #audi #r8v10 #sunsoutfunsout

Never Forget. #september11 🇺🇸

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