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Jason Bravura  Father, Husband, Voice of Aaron, CEO of BluJay Studios

Jess and I got back from PaxSouth to find this guy finished on the main wall of our studio. I’m proud to see everything we’ve worked so hard for come together. We would be nothing without the help of everyone we have here. #blujaystudios #aphmau

Been away for awhile. Thought I’d show you something we’ve been working on... ‘DatAss ... #aphmau

It's been a few years since we've been on an official vacation. I'm not sure how to relax anymore... 😵 #aphmau

It took many endless days to get where we are now. It is a relentless march... but the payoff is creating something we are proud of, something that is ours, something that will be remembered. It'll be ready soon! #aphmau #blujaystudios

Jess Teaching the kids how to play MK8... Julia just keeps screaming turtle shell over and over 🤣#aphmau

Taking a break from modeling and coding to teach Joseph and Julia how to ride a bike. Their helmets haven't come in yet so we're just practicing in the back yard. #aphmau #familytime

This weekend we'll be launching the tee shirt for Starlight. The season is almost over and we wanted to make you guys something to remember it when it's gone. #aphmau #mystreet #mystreetstarlight

Our new studio is almost ready to move into. They just finished putting up the brick walls and wood flooring. #aphmau

So, time to spill the beans, @KamiWasa and I have been working on this for a few weeks. New series inbound. #aphmau #mermaids #princesskatelyn

Starlight today, tomorrow, Sat, and Sun. We're aiming to release eps a bit faster than we normally do but they'll be a tad shorter. #mystreet #mystreetstarlight #aphmau

Enjoying our time after VidCon!! Jess and I dropped by the arcade to play a few games... 😂🤣😍 #aphmau

Jess on stage at VidCon playing Mario Kart with some fans. #aphmau

Taking a break while at VidCon. Time to teach Jess how to swim. ❤️💜...brb, throwing her into the pool.. #aphmau

On the plane headed to VidCon! #aphmau

Jess stayed up until 4AM last night to finish writing the last script before we head to VidCon. I'm making sure the team is ok while she gets her much needed rest in our recording room... but then I remembered I needed to get payback for a few things... huehuehue ❤️💜 #aphmau #aaron

Huehuehue... #aphmau #aarmau #zanechan

Well, at this point it's safe to say we'll be releasing MyStreet: Starlight E1 today. Only a few more hours to go! #aphmau #mystreet #mystreetstarlight

Office is almost done! Ceilings have been painted! @aphmau_ #aphmau

Found the Aaron pillow...

Kawaii~Chan is here! #aphmau #mystreet @aphmau_

Sooo... uhhh... how long does this stay on Jess? @aphmau_

BluJay day off! I built the guys a giant jenga set!... it's really just a bunch of 2x4s... 😂 #aphmau

Jess and I modeled our characters for a certain series off of our characters from Final Fantasy. (Note: Jess changed her characters eyes from purple to orange 😒) #aphmau #estorra

Sean and I had some fun with the Zane pillow prototype. Jess is gonna be super jelly... #aphmau #zaaron

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