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Jason Tse  ℹ️ 💼 Travel Consultant / ✈ Jetsetter #jasonbonvivant /📱Twitter @jasonbonvivant (all images by iPhone)


A very colour way to start the day @ 16:30 @halfwaycoffee #flatwhite #halfwaycoffee

Just to get the record straight, I do not miss the deer in #NaraParks which walked away, I do miss #Japan. It's time to plan my next trip! #Nagoya #Legoland here I come ... soon!

Finally! My first #A350 experience with @cathaypacific KIX-HKG

Do Not Disturb! ... it's nap o'clock obviously ...

The entrance to the Kasuga Taisha shrine (#春日大社) is part of the Historic Monuments of Ancient #Nara and is designated as a #UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Great South Gate of Tōdai-ji (東大寺), is also part of National Treasures like the Great Buddha Hall of Tōdai-ji and the current Great South Gate, which was constructed during the Kamakura period, remains the largest temple entrance gate in Japan.

Now wait a second, single profile please!

After being emotionally traumatised by the cute deer (see previous video post), this is the much needed ramen therapy session to move on ... @ Sakunosaku (作ノ作) - Signature Ramen with extra meat / pork 浪花とんこつらーめん+トッピング肉バカ

Speechless! Even a carefree #deer is being so "realistic!" ... I have feelings too!!!! ... watch until the end please! #NaraParks #Nara

“Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long
time ago.” - Warren Buffett

Oh shut up and please make me another one right away! Yes I am not a fan of cherry 🍒 but this is delicious! American Cherry Pie Frappuccino!

We are living in the digital age with rapid technological advancement and in Japan where trains and subways are synonyms for punctuality; their drivers (and conductors) still use mechanical pocket watches to keep track of time (likely a Seiko Railroad Pocket Watch). After a brief research, the watches are set with the central time source at the start of every trip to coordinate train departures and schedules. I can think of many reasons (indeed many other reasons after a quick search online) why this is a valid application, one being it would be an isolated apparatus unaffected by any onboard electronic malfunction. Of course it looks super cool in such a setting! #pocketwatch #railwaypocketwatch #train #Japan

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