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Day before the car had to get on a truck for (censored the rally name because I already got texted about how horrible this photo is, even though it's not) I called @goinhaam and said let's fucking spray paint it..... added bonus the death threats @heathersnowflakewasa and @_msdana_ received from the world after the car went viral and we blamed it on them. Added added bonus the death threats Al and I received from (censored name again) #lildickBags #theBwasaFtillrawcried #jew #wop #nextyeartherewillbemorecrying #wasntme PS I was reluctant to post this photo because I'm wearing shoes and I fucking hate shoes #flipflopfarms

F*ck Guru Friday's 💻 💰 .... #tagaguru #thosethatcantdoteach 📸 by @alegre212 🏎's 🐌 🐌 by @heffnerperformance

One of my top students @goinhaam giving an amazing testimonial to my guru course. Nothing, not even hurricanes can stop you from becoming rich once you sign up and make the commitment! #100centmoneybackguarentee #gurukilla #overnightmillionaire

For all those wondering about @jfishfl and @clisbh they are safe! Hoping to hear from @zippi101 and @emeliesveed soon! The pictures I've seen of St Barths look fucking awful. I can't even imagine what it will be like to deal with all the aftermath.

Weekends over... didn't have internet here so couldn't hustle many course sign ups. Need to afford to gas this thing up so offering a Labor Day Special of half off the doubled price with a 100 cent money back guarantee. This will only be available for a limited time. Once I can afford to put some gas in this thing the special is over! Hurry, act now and be rich in under 24 hours.

I'm a hopeless romantic and enjoy long walks on the beach....

The most ironic thing to ever happen to me... got my credit card info stolen and someone charged 2k to it for an online self help guru course. Www.mylifecoachclubla.com

If you are having a bad day please watch this. I've been laughing to myself all day and decided it's worthy of a main post.... I love @heathersnowflakewasa big ass boobies even though she got second place in her horse show today her boobs are first place in my heart.

This picture means a whole lot to me. So many things in one photo! 1.5 years ago @zippi101 sent me a message saying he wanted to learn from me because I was 1. In internet marketing 💻 and 2. Had a lambo. 🏎 I brushed him off 🤷‍♂️because I get the same type of messages all the time but he was persistent and he stood out from everyone else. He didn't just want a lambo given to him, he wanted to learn and work his way into buying his own. In those 1.5 years this car has been ripped into pieces by a fucking thief mechanic #fuckyoumitch ☠️ it has been shipped from FL to CA to FL again and @heffnerperformance finally put it back together. 😍The entire time #taptap teased me that he only hit me up because I had a lambo and he has never seen the lambo. 😂I got several offers to buy the car but wouldn't take them until it was done so this picture 📸could be taken. This picture has cost me a ton of money 💰and even more headaches 😤 but it was worth it. 1.5 years ago Pete was sleeping on his friends couch and with his extreme work ethic ➕the guidance of @jfishfl and I he is living in the caribbean ☀️wearing a gold rolex⌚️ and riding his jet surf 🏄 (when it works) loving his life. He has become family to us and I can't wait till we recreate this photo with HIS lambo! #flipflopgang #lambogang #prouddad ❤️PS a giant thank you to @dpascht for showing me this world 🌎 without you I wouldn't have been able to do any of this!

@dpascht told me to meet him for lunch .... I was hungry and unaware there really was no lunch to be had. I should have known better once @disrupteverything and @chrefre5h told me they were also coming. #roasnee was out in full force #litimusmaximus #magichangingpainting #howdiditgethung #whodidit

Worthy of a post.... I've cracked myself up for the past hour rewatching this. @heathersnowflakewasa @iliketoannoymygf

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