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Jason A  Guru helping turn millionaires to billionaires overnight, guaranteed #100centmoneybackguarentee


Popped @heathersnowflakewasa ✈️ 🍒today‼️ She said she prefers 🐎 over ✈️ 👎‼️#gurutip 6️⃣7️⃣2️⃣4️⃣1️⃣use emojis in ad copy to massively ⬆️your conversion rate 💵 💵💰#imtheonlyonenotwatchinggameofthronesrightnow

Apparently my nick name given by @emeliesveed and others in St Barths is "American Dream" well I certainly lived up to my nickname yesterday. PS the nickname is not supposed to be flattering but I embrace it! What a great weekend with @jfishfl @zippi101 @disrupteverything @pierre97133 @clisbh

I ❤️St Barths! #guruparadise

Glad I got some awesome drone shots. Fuck! I landed it on some chick on accident (sorry don't sue me) and I also left it on the yacht so I'll prob never see it again.

Well at first I thought nothing says light all my 💵on 🔥like 🐴's then I got a ☠️🐶 sure why not do fucking acupuncture, he needs it! My 💰is 💸💸bye bye 👋👋

Woke up on Thursday with a ton of #thosethatcantdoteach guru course sign ups so I decided to take a jet to visit @disrupteverything Woke up Friday hungover and channeled our inner #chernorich #chopchoppeasants to a beach house on stilts in the middle of nowhere and got to land on a motherfucking house! Then we pretended to know Spanish for two days while getting to know and and learn from some amazing new Puerto Rican friends. I learned that they don't eat while partying. I learned that time does not exist while partying. I learned that nothing will stop a boat party not even vicious rain, thunder and lightning. I had a fucking blast although an unfortunate incident occurred due to my alcoholism. Sadly I didn't realize my websites link was down which cost me many guru sales. Like many gurus I can not ball out unless people are signing up so I had to take a different type of jet back home #jetblue also known as #corsarallyfirstclass

Everyone has yeezys and I felt left out because I don't wear shoes. @rijowysock came up with a solution. Yeezy Flip Flops #flipflopgang #flipflopfarms #jewishcowboyllc

Practicing my guruism by posing on something that's not mine and hoping it translates to sales. Thanks @chrefre5h and @zak_refre5h for helping me trick others into buying my course so I can one day be as rich as you guys. #twolaptops #toomanychains #thosethatcantdoteach

Caught the best mom and fiancé ever last night sleeping on the floor in the living room to make sure chalk is comfortable. I ❤️@heathersnowflakewasa even if she doesn't bring home blue ribbons she still 1st place in my heart! #notahack #ireallydoloveher #jewishcowboyllc #flipflopfarms #blueorglue

When @vikramaditya.jain says squirrel team deploy and passes @goinhaam and I at over 200mph .....

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