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Roses are red, roses are white, mix these two to get your right! TODAY ONLY 20% OFF VANILLA AND FUEL5-FUEL5+ use “VDAY20” #xendurance #neversettle

@thor_xendurance Thank you for reminding me to take a day off! Enjoy the vacay! 😜 #beatjason #legday #justintimberlake

We are 100% invested in your health and performance. That’s why you won’t see Sucralose in any of our products. Sucralose should never be an ingredient in a sports performance supplement line... This is a callout to all the major supplement manufacturers who are pumping this ingredient into athletes.. STOP!
Sucralose is made by adding chlorine to regular sugar, increasing the number of chlorine atoms. Because of this alteration, Sucralose passes through the gut undigested. According to Columbia University, sucralose, can cause bloating, gas and diarrhea.
It's not the chlorine content that is the concern, because table salt is considered safe. It's the fact that in making sucralose, the chlorine bonds to carbon, producing a chemical known as a chlorocarbon. Chlorocarbons are often used as preservatives and insecticides because the molecular structure can deliver a toxic dose of chlorine directly into the cells of insects and microorganisms, and those who are concerned about Sucralose feel it has the same effect on humans. According to physician and biochemist Dr. James Bowen, chlorocarbons are "never nutritionally compatible with our metabolic processes and are wholly incompatible with normal human metabolic functioning." #athletefirst #neversettle #xendurance #nosucralose #healthylifestyle #fitfam #crosfit #trackndfield #running #baseball

S T A Y H U M B L E.
B E G R A T E F U L. Never let success get to your head. Never let failure get to your heart. 📸 @andrew_xendurance
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The captured moment of when my ADD kicks in.... #tbh #wzamiami #xendurance #add #thinking 📸 @photobyjurassic

Today we remember and honor @sasilverman, our friend that left us far too soon. Your fire and desire still lives on within us @two_forty_four .
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@georganne400h Running a world leading 52.3 in the indoor 400m.
Your body can convert lactate to energy without using oxygen. But this lactate or lactic acid can build up in your bloodstream faster than you can burn it off. The point when lactic acid starts to build up is called the "lactate threshold." Lactic Acid is made up of two ions, lactate and hydrogen, the build-up of the acidic hydrogen ion causes the pain and the problems. It decreases the pH in the muscle, causing the painful burn and cramps you experience during intense exercise. Balancing the effects of the positively charged hydrogen ion could allow athletes to train for longer, with greater intensity and a quicker recovery. It could also allow runners to maintain faster paces for longer durations.
How Does it Affect You During A Race or Training?
The last 20% of the race when a runner would want their body to kick it into high gear Lactic Acid (Hydrogen Ions) are at their peak. At this point your muscle will send signals to slow down or stop what you are doing.
Extreme Endurance acts to buffer the hydrogen ions and decrease the damaging acid build-up. Research at The University of Louisiana in 2016 demonstrated impressive results after just ten days of supplementation. Participants on the independent, double blind, cross-over, placebo controlled trial showed:
26% reduction in Lactic Acid build-up
39% reduction in oxidative stress after exercise
6x reduction in Creatine Kinase levels, which is an indicator of muscle damage

This chemical data confirms that Extreme Endurance reduces muscle damage associated with exercise, helps speed-up recovery and potentially increase athletic performance. You will start to experience the benefits of Extreme Endurance 72hrs after you start using.
More info by following the link in our bio. #clinicallyproven #neversettle #actualscience #whywearedifferent #proven #nothinglikeit #nobodyhasthis #stoplosing #startwinning #nosucralose #twoclinicalstudies #hereforperformance

To say I am proud of my mom is an understatement. 24 years with BCBS, plus all the years at other jobs.... congratulations @sdstclair! Blessed. I love you!

It's not what we eat, it's what we absorb. Clean lifestyle eating is always recommended

Why should we Supplement?

Immune Boost has been developed with decades of research both here and in Europe with over 1000 clinical studies showing the benefit of the ingredients found in Immune Boost. This powerful, daily multivitamin, antioxidant-phytonutrient formula was engineered and built with pharmaceutical grade nutrients to maximize the bodies' ability to build and maintain a strong immune system.* During moderate and strenuous workouts, your body goes through several internal disruptions including increased body acid, micro muscle tears, trauma to the muscles, inflammation and severe oxidative attacks. Immune Boost was built to help protect against these severe internal disruptions.

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Xendurance Fam. Thank you Miami, Thank you @thewodapalooza #wza #miami #xendurance

Tomorrow @mattiecakesssss at @thewodapalooza is gonna sprinkle some knowledge from 9-10am and then at @xendurance Happy hour from 4-6pm #wzamiami #wodapalooza #q&;a

I first related to athletes, but everyone can relate to it. Too good not to share.
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Vision, is far beyond what we can see. #mondaymotivation 📸 @andrew_xendurance

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