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Jason Mraz  "Have It All" – Available Now! Watch the music video:

Today I humbly offer an acoustic version of "Have It All," which is great for those who like their dude a little more subdued. Or it's the perfect rendition for drummers and bass players to play along to. You can find it wherever you listen to music online. (Link in story)

Travel is a luxury. So is this job. Thank you for the joy and beauty you provide. My eyes are grateful. My ass however, is flat.

Hass Avocado season is almost over. Follow @mrazfamilyfarms for avocados, coffee, and kind words.

Josh Groban can sing. And play. And give. Over the weekend I had the pleasure of performing with the man to help raise a mountain of money for arts education programs. #WeSing #WeDance #WeHealThings #FindYourLightFoundation

Thank you Las Vegas & Sands Cares for INSPIRE, a concert to benefit two important local youth organizations, The Marty Hennessy Inspiring Children Foundation & The Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth. Happy to sing. Happy to serve. Do good = Feel good. Pic by @jeffcoffmanfilm

All rise.
Last night, the halls of the Library Of Congress rang and reverberated with joy and excitement as SPARC students (from the Have It All music video) joined me for a teary-eyed and laugh-filled performance at the 10th annual We Write The Songs event hosted by the ASCAP Foundation. The students, who are a part of SPARC's groundbreaking LIVE ART program, helped me tell the origin stories to a few of my most popular songs. The audience of legislators gave the students a standing ovation, a good sign of support for the new Music Modernization Act. The Act will update laws to help tomorrow's creators earn a better living.

Some bands are sitting on tens of thousands of unwanted, obsolete t-shirts. Our collaboration with @organicsoundofficial prevents our unsold shirts from becoming waste by shredding the fibers, blending them with new organic thread, and producing new tees – and now, you can Customize your design! Have It All at organicsound.com/jason-mraz

Never let go of your dreams.

Everything old is new again. @organicsoundofficial

I used to feel guilty for choosing music as a career. It's too fun. I can't possibly deserve to get paid for this!? But @ascap reminds me I am my own small business with my own little inventions. And we got each others back... and while @ascap protects my assets, the @ascapfoundation helps me pay the gratitude forward. Thank you ASCAP. Pic by @salvadorochoa #ASCAPEXPO

When @raining_jane isn't busy making me sound good, they are hard at play making life sound good to new artists. Visit @rockcampla or the @girlsrockcampalliance to learn more about how you can help make the world a better place through music education and radical collaboration.

Dream life. Thank you #puppetsforpuppetry

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