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Dance And Sell Coffee  Maryland-In-Atlanta 411SouthTalent Mr. Half Black‘n Half Asian🇵🇭 Lecrae-ATWT Tour-Dancer Photographer/Cinema. Keep Inspiring Blessed Only Page

Hey Dad👨‍👦I love you man.

More of that D.C Culture.
Pt 2 from last vid.

It’s a D.C Culture thang. I started off freestyle dancing with one of my hometown’s Dance style “Beat Ya Feet”. It actually pushed me to want to pursue Dance more. I don’t freestyle as much as I used to but I always keep the roots on me. Crusty cus it’s been a while but I always stay with it.

Because of you, I’ve been able to manage in this thing called life. Because of you, I’m able to experience this thing called life.
Because of you, I’m a great person... just as you are, just as you raised me to be.
Momma I love you.. P.O.P Hold It Downnnn.

Big thanks and shoutout to @630life for having me and @therealmelo.j apart of this project. Not only that, but the fact that we portrayed you both means a lot to me. It’s just the beginning, I’m very grateful for you both. Just being apart of this project was so amazing and helped me out in so many ways. And I’m glad to continue a great dance partner friendship with the @therealmelo.j you are the best! It’s always nice to keep working and grinding with you all. With that being said. Check out @630life - Eternity . Streaming on all platforms!

Learning “All Things Work Together”
Self-Reminder.Be Patient And Keep Your Head Up. The goal is to inspire you all with who I am. I would often go In the crowd before the shows started and would just look around at what’s happening. How one minute you can just blend in with society and then the next you’re on stage performing for those very people.(This actually humbled me in many ways.) Sometimes it’s not as easy to keep our heads up. Hahahaa because Lord knows that around this time last year.... oh no. I wasn’t at my best, actually still ain’t.. Got a lot of leveling up that I’m already working on. I was down.. even when I booked life-changing gigs, I wasn’t really excited. Dance just felt like responsibility/habit.
But eff the sadness y’all because sometimes you really do just got to give things to God and be patient. I learned how to not be so far ahead of myself and to take life day by day and I met an amazing group of people to show me that. From being in the high mountains to riding in low riders, turning up every spot we came through... y’all wouldn’t believe me about Tulsa Oklahoma if I told y’all, from singing throwback theme songs to singing my original theme song.. Ohhh and I jumped in a pool. I got some pretty dope footage that I ended up accidentally erasing. Oooohhh and @theangelicalife with that hair whip though, one of my favorite moments I caught. my bad y’all. I’m just trying to be great in life.
I found this video of @therealmelo.j in my phone too hahha, my favorite partna.. it’s always great vibin with you on and off stage.
Just don’t ever stay down for too long y’all, it’s unhealthy. It keeps you from being the best you. I would often look into the crowds to remember what my purpose was. Because that feeling of being inspired by someone.... is amazing and I can’t execute that if I’m slippin. .All Things Work Together.
As I keep my head up, I am blessed daily, I get to wake up, meet new people, enjoy the hustle of my career/lifestyle, smile more, and share great energy with the universe.

“As far as you see, ain’t the horizon”

@mrswoope - Hall Of Fame
ATWT Tour 2018
Shot and Edit by me.
This year I’ll be creating so much work! Book with me now to cover events, weddings, baby showers, photoshoots, behind the scenes, concept videos, cover music videos, etc!
DM and secure a slot... PRICES GOING UP!

Blessed to be able to help and create moments like this with the GOAT @1kphew . Not only do I aspire to inspire, but I always catch myself finding so much inspiration in this universe. @kingg_mike22 was definitely that inspiration.
Thank you both for helping me find another calling and purpose🙏🏽🙌🏽
Full Vid Coming Soon.

Haven’t Smiled This Hard In Years. 2018 has been great and the rest of this year will be even greater. Photo Cred📸: @therealmelo.j

#WCW 🤣🤣

Issa “Haven’t posted a selfie all year, let me take one real quick” vibe

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