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  She use to follow. I've been a fan/supporter since her first day of Instagram.

I just love the color blue.

So, I dont really like to talk to people about my problems so I usually write about it in my phone in a notebook.... And its like a diary but when I'm sad or depressed it helps me when I write. Or I like to take pictures and write something and how I feel. So I can remember later idk.
But my sister took my phone and looked through my pictures and everything when I told her not to and I'm just so mad. And when I'm mad I just scream and cry. Like she doesn't understand I dont look through her phone. And I give her privacy. She doesn't understand and she makes me so mad. And the feeling I have is like anger,sadness, and embarrassment all mixed together. I hate it. So bad. And she would always tell me mean things LIKE "KILL YOUR SELF" and even sometimes I would try. And I know it sounds dumb but its not to me. And I know I'm kinda giving her what she wants. Ugh idk.
If you read all this then comment SNAKE cuz thats what my sister is.

The quality is bad sorry.

Same, Jake,same .....

I just noticed she followed me OMG THANK YOU SO SOSOSOSOSOSOOS MUCH ILY.

I love her makeup its always looking fleeky.
@ayojasmynn_ (If you see this plz follow me)

She followed me
I'm screaming 😱

Credit to: @ayojasmynn_

Credit to: @ayojasmynn_

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