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Jasmin Banks  🌸🌎🌞Dancin alone cus she's extra flyyy

Best visit with my girls today 💕🌸P money in the building ✨#coolmomswhoblade

Big Banks Lil’ Banks

@miguel whaaaat a beautiful beautiful man being 🌸✨💃🏼energy

Matilda salamanders ! #amphibian head

been trying to avoid phone last hour before bed and 1st hour in morning.. seems so simple,but harder habit to break. we see nasty news constantly and we mindlessly scroll through our feeds all too often..wondering what other ppl are doing..when rly it’s time that should be spent dedicated to focusing on ourselves,our goals, what we can do to make our lives brighter. Silencing n clearing the mind.Since I broke morning ritual this am, least I could do was listen to a feel good podcast .. I then came across this video ,on this day of remembrance .. watch it..it will make ya feel good to know there’s such a level of heart and heroism that exists.It will make ya feel thankful to just be here ,alive and well❤️ thank you @tanksgoodnews !

my fave gal to laugh,groove,picture pose ,shimmy, gig, cheeeese,twirl, n wiggle through a concert crowd with✨thank you sister ..what a time ,what a time 😎

✨Shhhh 🤫✨

I see ya Mother Nature ...kind trails, nature hearts n shiny weather <3

what a beautiful beautiful Monday ✨lucky

Family Seasick ventures ✨

Safe zone, I’ll be here 😊🧘🏾‍♂️

be in my nightgown, chicken wings ready ..if you bring the mild sauce we can go steady .. yes that’s a chicken wing, yes a happy moment

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