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Jasmine Chua  Never stop wandering into wonder.

Current mood: would like an infinite amount of caffeine beverages. Would also like my wallet to support me in that desire ☕️☕️☕️

Pre-dinner treat 'cause we sweated off 10% of our body weight walking around the Katong hood ☀️ 🍦 💦

This, ruined cheesecakes for me because I highly doubt I can find one as life-changing as this in Singapore 🧀 🍰🤤

This space flirts with your senses in every aspect possible - breathing in copious amount of light like air while killin' it with the lush greeneries 🌱🍃🌿

Excuse me while I enter a sugar induced coma until next weekend comes around and I can continue this ritual 😂

Zoning in on this image of tranquility for a quick sec before I get back to the hustle and bustle of real life.

Where the minimalistic hipster's dreams are brewed with light flooded corners and white marble tiles.

Giving this life a sweet respite with an iced dark chocolate matcha latte. Suffice to say I'm all sugar and caffeinated out 🍫 🍵 ☕️

I'm starting to speculate all the ice-cream parlours made some kind of deal with the weather. What choice do we have to order not one but two of these taro & earl grey milk tea soft-serve with freakin' bomb fried yam chips 😬

We are all but a dot in the universe.

The slow dance of infinite stars 💫✨ (The 30s time limit in this room is a bit nerve-wracking wtf)

That moment when you find a space that hits all the right notes 😍

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