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cut paste 002 / not blue

Happy day to Josef Albers! He has forever changed the way I think about color 💛 Photographed here with his equally talented wife, Anni Albers, at Black Mountain College 1945

shape studies / watering plants

Does the mustache make the (wo)man? Ana Mendieta / Untitled (Facial Hair) 1972

cut/paste brain barf (not blue)

I hope all my future zits are flowers @tataharper 🌸🙃

Your heart / your lover's heart / your friend's heart / your cat's heart / listen. Have a heart. Happy heart day 💙

Beat Piece by Yoko Ono, from her book Grapefruit

Shout out to the full moon and this view 🌕The best birthday hang ✨

Raise all humans the same way. Power to the people on the streets today, and all the days following. Jenny Holzer / 1993 / #womensmarch


Hope you have fun (if you want it). Happy Christmas / John & Yoko 1969. Peace is possible.

books books books ! 👀✨
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