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How far the unknown transcends the what we know. — Longfellow

"If you can think of something positive to do, no matter how small, do it, because it matters. If you're doing something negative, no matter how small, stop, because it matters." @weiwisdommeditation ✨🌸🙏. This was one of about a dozen gorgeous takeaways from the Thunder Moon Flower Lounge by @lotuswei ✨🌹❤️ I was introduced to Katie's incredibly beautiful flower and crystal alchemy by my skin care and self care guru of the past decade @forgetbeauty🙏 🌸✨and like everything else connected to her, the Lotus Wei work activates true beauty and self love. #flowerloungemagic #flowerevolution #selflove #beautyheals

Light's favourite lover is darkness.

Two women, just steeping in beauty #thisisyoga

Nice one, God.

Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you as the sunshine flows into trees. _—John Muir

Good morning, East Vancouver!

Silent, soft and slow descends the snow —Longfelllow

Nature is not to be dominated, it is to be understood. Takeaway no. 549 from a terrifyingly practical and infinitely wise avalanche safety course.

River at rest Quieted current Still rushing Toward another season

"You were never born for the conventional world; you're much too vast for all of that." @soulrebelrising led us to a reclaiming of Friday the 13th with moon howling, firepower poetry and an altar of skulls and rose petals. 🌙 🔥 🌹

Beauty is a powerful healer.

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