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Hmm,what do you think?

1 like=1 prayer,Angel ~ My poor kitten died yesterday(16/4/2017~april).she was sick for 3 days and we got her to doctor to see whats with her,we left her there for some hours so doctor can help her but when we came we found out that she died..She couldnt take it anymore she wasnt strong enough-amen...الله..:(

Just some of my boring photos-.-

Yep,thats what i did~meow

This cat is cute(not mine)

While i was walking my dog i found this..i asked a my dads friend that has a car rent shop -he said" it crashed and they brought it here."And i told him"what happend?" He didnt know but i knew what happend when i looked at it~ is said " maybe it lost control and hit the lamp in the streets- and he did agree so.IT WAS COOL!not jk first time to see this xD

Just walking with meh dog

What about this one?

What do u think about this one?

How do u think of my drawing?coment down below

That isnt my cat-its a wallpaper for phones xD

5 photos of my Cute dog

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