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🌸 Jasmine Rebecca 🌸  ❤️@sharyn8r🌈8 dogs🐕2 minis🐴🐴#spreadjoy🌻Nature🌳Videogames🎮Boardgames🎲Art🎨Food🍋Skipper⚓Audi🚙

My cute lil mom @janet_from_the_outer_planet chilling out with her grandson @bucketini while her kitten and puppy have their first professional photoshoot courtesy of @fureverphotography . I had a great workout running after Matzo the kitten who was interested in everywhere except where he was meant to be! 🤣

Good morning from a beautiful foggy Paremoremo 🤗💖.

Hanging out with our beautiful @pitathegriffpin whilst her mum is at work. She has just recently been desexed so has the come of shame on which is huge in her tiny body! I swear her facials are just as brilliant as her human @sharynation 😍🤣❤️❤️💖💖

My wife makes me laugh whilst Sambuca has his beauty sleep ❤ @bucketini

Kissies with my lil muffbot aka: @lilbabyhyena aka: Muffin Hweh! ❤We are ready to hear our cute lil mini humans read us some stories at school 🤗. #pettherapy #volunteer #kissies #meandmychihuahua #greyhairdontcare #thatmsynltentirelybetrue #therapydog #ilovemychihuahua

Mother and daughter ❤. If I was Peachy, I would be proud to have such a charismatic beautiful daughter as Lolita. I can't believe she will be 10 in November!!! 😱💖

Time for some home made Jasmin8r stylez Bibimbop with good friends ❤.

These girls are so loyal, I love running around their paddock and then they are coming to greet me ❤ @loveable_horses

Red kiwifruit or "Kiwi" as Americans say. It's now a thing! So sweet and tasty, try one if you see one! 😀😀😀

Sharyn enjoying cuddles with Hokey Pokey @toots.pets

When Paremoremo looks a bit like the opening animation of Disney CGI films. So beautiful 💚

Nature creates art works within art works that can constantly change 💚.

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