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Jasmine Dreamer💭🎀💖🍭  💌:jasmine@assthetic.net 📕Www.assthetic.net

Look inward for answers, you have everything you need inside yourself 💗

Feelin myself (up) wearing the top of vibrant 🌈sparkly✨ dreams from ☁️cloudblvdofficial ☁️

For everyone who has had a hard day, week, month, year. I’m thinking about you and admiring you for making it through ❤️🙏

Do you remember t.A.T.u.? This is their daughter now. Feel old yet?

Feeling like a boss bitch 😈 captured by @pin_chun7 at my Exhibition/party Assthetic at @ampm_studio last month, very excited about these pics bringing me back to this amazing night 💫

✨On my biggest glow up ever ✨
I spontaneously set myself the @jasmine.dreamer.challenge with the intention of improving my mental, physical and spiritual health as much as I can within 30 days while documenting/observing the journey. It’s been reinforced to me over and over how precious this life is, and I know for a while I haven’t been feeling or treating myself as well as I deserve. Many sources prove it takes 21 days to form or break a habit, and I have a lot of unhealthy ones I am working to replace with positive rituals. Some of these involve adjusting my bed times, daily meditation and yoga, adopting veganism, practising mindfulness, just to name a few. I’m at day 5, and I am already noticing some major changes in my body and state of mind which are encouraging me to push myself further. Initially I intended to keep this journey private but after sharing it and hearing that others are inspired to take on the same challenge, I’m so glad I did. Also, I feel accountable to be consistent and give this my best shot 💫 I know my positivity might be sickening, but I am just excited to meet my best self at the end 💗

My favourite thing about Australian winter is that the rest of the world awaits as a warm escape ☀️💛✨you already know I’m plotting something 😉

First word that comes into your mind?

How do you make your dreams come to life? 💫I am currently overwhelmed with a sense of ambition and inspiration 💡overexcited to manifest my visions into reality; only limited by time and circumstances, but always ready to take on the challenge to get where I want to be. It can seem like a fleeting feeling, but once you’re focussed, you can be unstoppable. I write lots of lists and constantly remind myself of my motivation. Please share your strategies of how you achieve your goals and let’s thrive together!!!!

Say what you mean and mean what you say. Align your thoughts and feelings with actions 💫 express love toward people you care about and leave no room for doubt ✨ I promise you won’t regret it

If someone had told me many years ago, that all the time spent deeply depressed in my room at my parents house, taking butt pics on photobooth, that those same photos would end up on hand made pieces by my favourite Taiwanese designers, I would’ve never have believed them 🤪here I’m wearing a top by @maryjanenite 💙and booty shorts by @damagegroup⚠️ both featuring photos from ASSTHETIC

I’ve always found it easier to reveal my body than my thoughts. In high school I was one of the quietest girls with the shortest skirt. I didn’t speak much because I didn’t want to be misunderstood, as it was often difficult to relate to my peers. Though internally I’ve always overanalysed everything, making communication overwhelming at times. Being conscious of this for a long time, but not knowing how to work on it, the best place to begin is by acknowledging it. I want to remind that I’m more than just a physical being, for those that are only here for that. I find empowerment in sharing parts of myself through states including nude, but I know, my best quality is my psyche ✨

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