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This week has been pretty crazy with us moving into our new home.. so I’m kind of wrapping two things into one. First off, happy (late) #nursesweek to my 24/7 nurse. You’re always there for every crazy question I have. Whether I think I have a swollen lymph node or a rare rash that can’t be cured. You’re my constant, and I can always count on you to calm my crazy down. That brings us to Mother’s Day. Having you as a mom is more than just a mom. You are becoming one of my best friends. Some people may not understand our connection or everything we’ve been through.. but as I get older I am learning more about who YOU really are. We celebrate you as a mother today, but you are way way more than that. You are the most free spirited, caring, and genuine person there is. You have lived so many different roles throughout your life and I feel like, for once, you are finally living your own life. how YOU want. I love you SOO SO SO MUCH. Happy Mother’s Day mom! ❤️ your right hand man
P.S. I made you a mama

#nofilter just fresh veggies at their finest 👌#eatclean #veggies #saladlife

who needs a snow blower when you have 💪😂 #snowday #teamwork #illinois #2018

Cheers to 27 🍻👯👍this is going to be MY year. The year that I choose me first. My health, my happiness, my marriage, and friendships. I feel so blessed to be living this life. #seeya26 #icaughtuptoyoumom #bestyearyet

Got hit with a cold/flu bug last night and called off work for the first time today. An epsom salt bath with oils to relax and soothe, was just what my achy body needed.

Can’t wait to celebrate this girls golden birffday t-minus 55 days until MEXICO 🙌🙌 #golden #birthdaysquad #cancun #beachbabes #blondehairdontcare


Oils to the rescue

MCM goes to this handsome guy right here 😍 so blessed to be able to wake up next to him every morning for the rest of my life

No I don't have abs. But slowlyyyyyy working on it. One day hopefully. Shout out to @kalrissa.luxesalon for this perfect platinum balayage #ilovefoodtomuch #blondehairdontcare #platinumblonde #fitish

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