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Jason Oemcke  6/6/96😈 5/16/16🍦❤

Happy mothafhckin birthday too me😊 #21weekspregnant #firstlegalsip #youngdumbandfullofcum 🍻🎂🎈🎉

Dah bois took on the course today. Ryan beat me on his first day ever golfing. It's all Gucci tho bc I had the sand monster on my side and was driving like a champ🏌🏽

1 year ago, I picked you up from school, brought you back to my apartment and knew that you were perfect for me. I asked you to be my girlfriend on this day 365 days ago and promised you I would love you with all my heart, would never lie, and would always be faithful because I knew that I would never come across another girl like you in this entire universe.
We have both gone through so many different changes/atmospheres, but our love has never died. We have become so much closer together, and everyday I love you more and more. Thank you for the light you have brought into my life giulia and here's to all the years to come babby. I love you forever and always❤️❤️😘💏

Couldn't be more proud of my best friend since birth. You amaze me everyday with your hard work, determination, passion, and faith. Today you got your bachelors degree along with making the deans list. Tomorrow, you start your classes for your masters. You are going to touch so many souls and make a difference in this world one person at a time brother.
I am gonna miss seeing you as much as I've been able too these past 22 years, but this is just the start of your life journey.
I love you so fucking much bruduh. Thank you for being my life long best friend and for always being there for me no matter what. ❤️

Just a boy hanging out with his rat and bald eagle😛
📸 taken by my honey bunny @lilgelat0

This #fbf picture is one of my favorites for 3 reason.
#1 Giulia is my nug bug and I CANNOT WAIT FOR SUMMER #2 AND FOR ALL OUR SUMMER LOVIN'😍❤☺
#2 I love the beach and can't wait to burn my bald head all summer long 👴🏼
#3 There's nothing like a cold brewski on a sunny summer day🍻🌞

I look like an old grampa but atleast Giulia looks like a queen💁🏼‍♂️💏💞🙃

I just wanted a horseback ride👹

#wcw for my lil sexy dweeb. Look at dem brows and wings..she's a stunnnaa and the love of my life💞😘💏

#mcm goes to the one and only @nathanrobinson26 and @chris_o_berg. No Nate's were hurt in the making of this video but sadly, a bogie lost its life. #ripbogie #onetomanydrinks 😂😂

#mcm goes to Gus and his lil friend he made #ribbetribbet🐸 #meow🐱

Whos jas without the rt? You guys gotta ask yourselfs. I wrecked the srt probably 3 weeks ago and am now parting it out. I'm happy I didn't get hurt and that I have thousands of parts that are still good on the car. It sucks when you get so far and you dream and spend literally so much of your life to reach a goal. Life's about the journey not the destination. I'm heart broken that this car will never be where I wanted it but at the end of the day I'm not mad at the slightest. I learned everything I could ever want and nobody taught me. I taught myself when I knew absolutely nothing when's to turbos and actually building a car. I also learned so very important life lessons throughout all of this...but no people this is not the end of my srt addiction. I will end up getting another one one day...when the times right. For now #ripsrt 🙏🏻❤

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