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JARL ANDERSEN  •20-Norway• Welcome To My World• •Youtuber | Jungle Boooy• 🌴 SnapChat:Jarlikz


I Miss you🌹

The floor is Lava🔥

Life Is Good Right Now🤙🏼❤️


Looking Down at my School & thinking that in under 1 week It's finally over & I am on my own. My future is in my own Hands, I'm my own Boss & it's only up to me to make the most of it. Let the adventure finally begin!⚡️💯

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Her fikk jeg full flashback til klinkekule dagene på Helldal skole hvor jeg var kongen av klinkekuler og dominerte hele skolen😈 Jeg vant de mest verdifulle klinkekulene fra de som var yngre enn meg sånn at jeg kunne sjarmere Jentene i 7.klasse😏 Sørg for å sjekke ut hele videoen i bioen! #oreodunknorge

I just want to Thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart!❤️ I remember back couple years ago I had a huge problem with social anxciety and I never thought It was going to effect me as much as it did! I took a huge step back & was gone from social media and interacting with my bestfriends who is you guys because of all the hate I used to get. It prevented me from doing everything I loved to do. & now over the years I've everyday steped out of my Comfort zone & slowly gained my confidence back thanks to all the Love & Support you have showed me! & I honesly do not know how to thank you all for that! It's been a crazy ride so far & I feel like I've only just begun.

School is soon Over & I have promised myself that I'm going to do my Best to post 365 Videos for that Next 365Days As soon as school's Out! I'm going to do what I love & thats to entertain & Interact with you! FUCK social Anxitey, FUCK the Haters, FUCK The school system, & Lets Live!!! I freaking Love y'all❤️ -J

I'm not a hobo... I'm just hobo Chillin🚶

New Video out from when me and my Brother went to workout together💪then we made our personalized Frozen Yogurt from @7eleven & you can win a Travel giftcard for two worth 20.000kr

How to partisipate:
1: take a Picture of your 7Eleven frozen yogurt with all your favorite toppings
2: share the Picture on Instagram with #Frozenyou & @7Elevennorge
3: tell us how your Frozen yogurt represents Your Personality #Sponset #Ad




Tb to when my hair was Short

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