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elizabeth™  incorrect supernatural quotes... or are they?

misha is so iconic

why is he like this sksk

my boys!!!!!!!


idk if yall watch ahs but im literally SOOO excited for the finale tonight but apocalypse has been such a great season i dont want it to end 😢 (im in love w michael) (michael LANGDON ofc michael from spn can Rot)

these will never not be funny sksks

“the floor is cas”

self-sacrificing? NOT ON MY WATCH

yall im so horny for halloween 🤪 what are you dressing up as?

ok so i have no idea how to feel about the premiere?? like nothing really happened??? we just had cas being portrayed as some whimp when in actuality hes the baddest bitch of them all and could EASILY take on a few demons. hes a soldier for christs sake!!! that “im embarrassed” line literally broke my heart why do they keep writing cas like this??? and again, nothing really happened? we got a sam with a beard which i appreciate and that lil destiel comment that was basically the highlight of the show, but other than that? michael going around asking people what they want and a demon battle? thats it? idk it had filler episode vibes instead of SEASON PREMIERE episode vibes, but it wasn’t TERRIBLE. like jack and bobby were super adorable in it i love that they’re friends and we have sister jo but ok im done complaining uhh this ep was 5/10

god bless typos {#spnconvoss}

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