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Jared Neusch  I'm crazy about my family. Pastor. Seminary grad. I like a lot of things, and occasionally they get photographed.

If she only knew the power those eyes have over me. #pileofmush

Always thankful for early morning discussions with this man. To say that he has been a significant influence on both my theology and praxis over the last 10 years would be an understatement. The world needs more Danns. #powerclap

The only way to start our work day: chocolate muffins!

Wait, more school?! Indeed.
In December I crossed the masters finish line and discovered I love this stuff so I started exploring a PhD program right away.
I’m really excited to begin my PhD work through King’s College London today. A few details: it’s a PhD in biblical studies. I’m being supervised by the fantastic Pauline scholar Chris Tilling. We’ll get to spend some months in London over the next 3 years but we’re staying in Redding.
Here. We. Go.

There’s no way to prepare for what a perfect wife and baby girl will do to your heart. It’s all just theory and rumor and words until BAM. It happens.

This morning, like we do almost every morning, we pulled Clayton into our bed when he woke up, and asked him, “buddy, did you have any dreams last night?” Usually he tells us he dreamt about Paw Patrol, or something of that nature. This morning he said, “Me dream ‘bout God send rain to stop fire.” Kez and I looked at each other and I repeated back in a bit of concealed shock, “You dreamt about rain stopping the fires?!” Clayton immediately corrected me, “No dad. GOD send rain.” 😭

Currently telling him that although there was a monster in Paw Patrol, there are no real monsters in the whole world. 👹❌🌎

The original double-decker London tour. 🚘🚘 And don’t worry, I had a 40lb bag on my back with him in my arms for an hour and a half before she took over.

Although I certainly haven’t earned this mug, on this trip I’ve been drinking the amount of coffee an executive would. ☕️☕️☕️

Epic raspberry picking session. Learning from his mum, Clayton ate one for about every five he kept. #stronggirlsclub

The last thing you probably want to see on your feed is another set of bare feet crossed in front of a nice view (I don’t like these photos either). But this is really what I’m doing, and I’m enjoying it, so deal with it.

How to rock a solo breakfast.

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