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Jared Is.  If I could be any animal, I would be a human infant. 👼🏻


09/05/2017: Eleven years in #Portland, nine months since my last drink(s). This weekend I hiked the #timberlinetrail (thank you @thoughshe_be), something I could not have done nine months ago. Next week I fly to Madison to present my research. In three weeks, I begin my fifth year of #phdschool (good Lordt help me), two quarters into my third year of teaching. I'm not mad about any of this. #phdlife #soberlife #masc4masc #masc4literallyanythingatthispoint

Oh! Hello there! I'm back on the grid to tell you I will be going off the grid. Friday through Monday. #timberlinetrail #visionquest2017 #comprehensiveexamvisionquest #dissertationvisionquest #childlessandmiddleagedvisionquest

I'm lucky to have this platform (a classroom AND social media). I am committed to leveraging my privilege to help #dismantlewhitesupremacy. It is my responsibility. I'm in the right place during a terrifying time. #adjunctlife #phdlife #whitesilenceisviolence #lowkeyhumblebrag

Another quarter over! I haven't read reflection cards or course evals so I don't know how I did, but a student made me cookies! #thisishowyoutreatalady #adjunctlife #phdwife

Earlier today, I was recounting a story from my childhood. I grew up 20 minutes north of a KKK office and there was a period of time when they harassed our family - they approached my brothers at school, they vandalized our cars, they called our house, and they kidnapped our dog. We grew up hearing stories about the inclusion of our relatives in the extermination of so many Jews. My mother was not shy about sharing the gory details. Seeing swastikas plastered all over national news is terrifying. And I say this knowing I have no idea what it's like to be a POC in this country. #neveragain

Thank you @masontheia and @lgbt_history. Sharing with my students today. #transpeoplearenotaburden

Looks like I didn't change any lives this quarter, but that's okay because #myattitudesucks. #teacherfail #JKHAGS #jaredbest #imahashtagnow #hashtagwin

Thank you @jerleo - I too see the #resemblance
#jemismyname #tuesdaytoeday

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