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Every single time I closed my eyes this week I visualized myself getting an interception and making plays.It's really crazy that when you sit down, focus and actually visualize the things you want, you start to notice your visualizations to come true. So next time you wanna succeed at something I suggest you sit down and visualize yourself doing it first. You'll be amazed at the results!

Two days before this game I was told I'm going to be ineligible for the whole year. After already sitting out a whole year last year, I wasn't gonna have that. I was so frustrated.So I took it into my own hands and changed my major to a major that would take enough credits for me to to be able to play this season. I had to get a whole new schedule and everything. And then on friday, the day before the game, I had to wait for them to find out if my new major took enough credits to make me eligible. It finally went through, and I was eligible again, thank God 🙏🏻.Also take into account that I bought a plane ticket already to get to my first game. So I left as soon as I found out. The airport is like 2 hours away,I get there,and my flight left already. I was 10 minutes late. I tried everything I could do to get out there and to be 10 minutes late sucked! Now please know I had been studying and training so hard for this game for the past two months. And on top of that they are the number one FCS team in the nation, and I was sad as heck thinking I was gonna miss out on this opportunity. Anyways I stayed at the airport for two more hours asking every airline face to face if they had a plane ticket to where I needed to go and they all said no. There was nothing else I could do. So I drove two hours back home. I hopped in the shower and something told me to look at my phone and check to see if anything opened up. Amazingly, a 5:45 AM Saturday flight opened up. I was in shock. God was testing me to see how bad I wanted it. To be honest I just wanted to go to sleep. I was exhausted and had been running around all day. So I messaged my friend at 1 in the morning asking if they could take me, and surprisingly I got a response, and headed back to the airport. I got on two different planes and arrived at my game with 3 hours to spare. I couldn't believe I made it. I trusted in God and didn't take no as an answer. And I'm glad I didnt give up because it was a great experience. Never let anyone tell you there is no possible way because as I found out in these past two days there is always a way if you want it bad enough.

Everyday people get discouraged by what other people think when they want to try something new. So simply they don't do it at all. You never know ifyou will find something you really enjoy if you live that way. You should live your life for yourself not others!
And if you get your hair braided like me you might as well show it off you know 🤷🏻‍♂️

Try this bicep finisher at the end of our workout
1️⃣Right arm 10 reps, Left arm 10 reps, Right arm 9 reps, Left arm 8 reps,
Right arm 7 reps, Left arm 7 reps. Continuously switch arms to 1 rep.
*Dont stop for best results*
*Push yourself*

A lot of people don't know that in order for your legs to move faster you have to be able to move your arms and shoulders faster as well. Try these workouts to enhance your speed
1️⃣One leg hyperextension with weight(4x10)
*At top of rep drop weight and catch it at the bottom for quick twitch muscle activation*
2️⃣Shoulder raise on incline bench(4x15)
*Hold for 1 second at the top*
3️⃣Dumbell swings for 5 seconds(4x5 seconds)
then drop Dumbells and swing your arms as fast as you can for 5 seconds(4x5 seconds)

💥Tag someone who wants to get faster💥
What most people don't know is that most of their speed and power come from their hips. Also another thing most people don't know is they aren't gonna be fast or powerful if they have tight hips. Try this workout that trains power as well as loosens up your hips
*Must have hurdles or anything you can step over *
🔥3 sets there an back for all🔥
1.) Hurdle step overs, slow and controlled.
2.) Sideways A-skips*Bring foot over hurdle, if you can't, go farther back so you don't hit it*
3.) Straight leg kick over
*What I did in the video*

Have you ever sat down, closed your eyes and just visualized yourself doing spectacular things? Or successful things? Or ever visualize how you want your future to be? Well it's something I do quite often and trust me it works in crazy ways. First off visualizing not only calms the mind but can really determine your future. For example my freshman year of college football I would visualize the team we were playing everyday before I went to bed. And I would then start visualizing the starting quarterbacks number that we were playing and would visualize myself getting an interception off him or making a big play. So one game I was visualizing intercepting this quarterback all week, every night. Then we get to the game and I realized I was visualizing the wrong quarterback the whole week. But anyways the game goes on and their starting quarterback gets hurt and you won't even believe what happens next.The backup quarterback comes in and he just so happened to be wearing the number I was visualizing all week, and I told one of my team mates right before I went back in on defense. "Hey bro watch me get an interception right now" so I go in. It's 3rd down he drops back for a pass, he throws it, and BOOM! I get an interception and change the whole game around. I was mind blown, and realized how important visualization was in that very moment. It's such a good tool for life and nobody realizes it. We need to take advantage of the thing that controls our body and feed it with nothing but good things. And if you do... I guarantee you will see your life change around.

🏋🏻‍♀️Tag someone who loves deadlifting🏋🏻‍♀️
Truthfully I never really liked deadlifts until I started doing them a couple months ago and felt how much more force they brought to all my other workouts.
Try adding this to your next workout

🔥Comment "🏀" if you have seen the movie Space Jam🔥
This video took me 5 try's to make but I wasn't gonna leave the gym until I touched it. That's the mentality you need to have every time you go in to the gym. Do one more rep on the bench, do one more rep on the squat rack. ALWAYS PUSH YOURSELF!
.🎥 Cred: @enginearsinal

Two months ago I started noticing a plateau in my strength and I was getting frustrated.So about a month I decided to change up my workouts and create my own 6 week Strength workout plan. The first video was taken 6/12/17. A month and 8 days later which is today 7/20/17 is the second video and as you can see I've gotten way stronger and my legs feel way better. Not only do I feel stronger I also feel more athletic as well. I am selling my strength program for only 10$. It gives you a breakdown of what to do everyday of the week. From workouts,to abs,to cardio. If you're interested in purchasing one, the link will be in my bio. Also as soon as you buy the plan it comes straight to you in a PDF file.It's guaranteed as you can see to improve your strength. Let's get after it together!

I have always been overlooked throughout my football career because of my size.From Jr. Pewee to College,I have always been told I was too small.It frustrates me because every year I played I exceeded everyone’s expectations.I’ve received MVP, Best Defensive Player, First Team All-League, All-CIF, and First Team All-Conference in one of the most competitive Junior College areas in the nation.Yet, I was still passed up on for my size. Everyone’s doubt only inspired me to work harder.I’ve gone from 130 pounds to 230 pounds in the past 6 years.It took a ton of dedication, consistency, and discipline.I continue to grind, working out multiple times a day, 7 days a week to reach my goal of playing in the NFL.I set the bar high.I refuse to limit myself.I've always known I could play D1 and eventually play in the NFL.I’m not going to settle for less.I balled out in high school and in JUCO but I still didn't catch the eye of any D1 colleges and if I did they all said I was too small.I red-shirted this past year and continued to send out my highlight film, hoping I'd catch someone's interest.Then, I finally did. Mississippi Valley St, a D1 college, emailed me back and gave me my opportunity.Anyone who knows me knows how much I put into this game and knows how much this opportunity means to me.I never gave up on myself and that is a great accomplishment to me.I hope I can help someone going through the same thing as me.There is always hope. Believe in yourself no matter what.This is the first stepping stone of continuing my dream of making it to the NFL.I'm humbly blessed to have gotten this chance.I can't wait to see what this year has in store for me.This wasn't to brag about going D1.The message here is that when you set your goals high, no matter what happens, you can't give up on it.You have to believe in yourself, trust yourself, and remember why you made that goal in the first place.You set that goal for a reason.You believed in yourself to achieve it.Mindset is everything in life. If you believe you can do something then you will.Don't let other people's limitations stop you from dreaming big. That's what life's about.

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