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Jared Diamond  !!!Unofficial Jared Diamond Account!!! Stay Tuned for Research Pictures for My New Book; New York's Greatest Natural Features

I came across this abandoned barn, the newly replaced electric fencing kept me from going any closer but I managed to snag a pic before continuing on my way. This barn is part of the cycle of rebuilding and destruction. The barn wood looked so old and weathered, that I was afraid it would come down any minute! However the builders steady foundation has kept this barn alive for years longer than it should have been. It is really incredible what these people can do and what they have left behind for us to explore!

This may look like a discarded pile of rubble to any uncultured city-folk but to the people in and around the Adirondacks this pile is so much more. What is not used by the community is left to be used as animals home over the winter and once the snow melts, he people gather to examine the leftovers and salvageable parts for new use! It's an incredible cycle of recycling and repurposing, which is another prime example of the fragile ecosystem that thrives in the Adirondacks.

This lake is completely frozen with over 8 inches of ice! I think that’s fascinating considering I was trying some water sport on it this summer!

The view from the treetops of a strong cedar in the mountains was incredible! As an environmentalist I try as often as possible not to disturb the naturally growing features of an ecosystem but I simply could not resist a change in view!!! If my examination of the tree and my underlying knowledge are enough to go by, I would say this tree has been here for close to half a century!!!

A local farmer often stores hay wherever they can when without a barn. This hay happens to be stored in an old shed and is used to feed the farmer's livestock. This hay is from some of the first cuts across the area and I have collected samples to study the DNA and compare the growing patterns!!!

This fungi has been completely overtaking this leftover stump in only about three years!! This is a fungi common to the Northern Adirondacks and relatively harmless to humans. The winter is the perfect time to study this fungi because of its stunted growth in the colder temperatures!

Many different types of trees grow in the Adirondacks. Featured in this image are some wildly different trees all growing naturally in the same area!!

A large population of people in and around the Adirondacks use wood burning stoves which can have a large impact on the surrounding ecosystem. These stoves are used to heat the homes of many people in the frigid winters of the Adirondacks, which can reach lows of -30 below zero!

In this photo I was trying some of the local water sports they love to do and it was actually really fun! Back when I did this I tried other water then just kneeboarding but I found kneeboarding the most fun and I think I will include this experience in my book!

On Arab Mt. the sight is amazing. It is now fall of 2017 and I have been gathering data and facts for my new book. This new season should bring new information and help me greatly in writing my new book!

This phenomenon is pretty uncommon in the skies near the base of the Adirondacks. It was incredible to witness such a sight during my travels. Earlier in the day I was working on studying some of the natural features that occur in this area. The diverse and fragile ecosystem is something I've decided to focus heavily on in my next book!

Currently on the top of Azure Mountain in the Adirondacks learning more and more!

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