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dear everyone,♡🍃
hbd to me 8/08/17
⌁ on this account, i have met so many friends and had mostly all good memories. this account will forever be apart of my heart. i love making edits but they are super time consuming. based on this account, i've spended almost no time with my family, my friends, and myself. i'm not going to deactivate this account for i would like to look back on it in months-years to come. one day i might pick up on where i left off but right now this is how it's going to be. this has nothing to do with any of you or any of your support. this is primarily my decision & nothing will change it. thank you all for being there for me but i think it's time i move on.
( this doesn't mean i'm leaving instagram, the only account i'll still own is my personal. )
goodbye, lena.🥀

dear jade,♡✨
happy birthday 8/01/17
⌁a very special birthday to a very special girl. i scrolled all the way to the beginning of our dm's ( there's so many ) and our first message to each other was on august 12, 2016 at 9:04 am. almost a year. you were my first internet friend and the main reason why this account has gone on for as long as it has. i know one day we'll meet and i can't wait for the day i can hug you. you are gorgeous and the brightest star in the night. you have done so many things: accepted me, made me happy, got me super addicted to ariana grande haha, and got myself someone i can trust. you're my everything. i love you so so so much. you'll end up really happy in the end and will see yourself how i see you one day. just continue being you, know you're worth it, & my moonlight. have a terrific day.
( p.s. there's a lot of puns in there referring to a bean who made us closer. thx ari )
yours truly, lena.🥀

dear lexa,♡🍒
happy birthday 7/29/17
⌁you have been my internet friend for almost a year and i'm so glad you have been in my life! we don't text very much and i agree 100% that needs to change. you have been with me through thick & thin. you are so so beautiful and have an amazing personality. you are worth it and if anyone fails to see that, drop them, don't let them push you around. never let anyone take that from you. i'm so lucky that you got close to me when in the beginning i thought that i would just help you out a little on editing and move on. have an amazing birthday & now you're a digit above me! be you, be happy. one day we'll meet, i'm sure of it.
yours truly, lena.🥀

july 20, 2017 :D
happy birthday to my favorite twins
⌁i can't believe you two are adults already! 18! that's such a big number to hit.💗
⌁i'm so glad i made this account to support you guys & mario. i came across such amazing friends just because of you, @julianjxra + @jovanijara .🦋
⌁one day, julian and jovani will be on a big stage with a big crowd because they earned it. i know they'll succeed. i can't wait till i get to see that day.🙈🙉
⌁have an amazing day and don't let anyone bring down that smile that you brought into this world.🌎
⌁been supporting you since you were 16. :>
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june 29, 2017 :)
that means it's been a year since the beginning of this account!
⌁i'm so grateful for all 2.1k+ of you who have taken the time out of their day to comment and like my posts!💒
⌁this has been an amazing journey and has changed me in many ways as possible. i'm so appreciative of all the internet friends i've made ( you know who you are ).🗺💞
⌁to anyone who ever feels like their account will be nothing, know that growth will come eventually just put forth the effort and work hard.🌷
⌁this account has gone on longer than i ever would imagine and i'm glad i haven't quit it yet. love you all.🌿💗
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my new theme :]
i hope you guys love it as much as i do!!
⌁have you started summer yet? i started yesterday & i'm in another state already!☀️
⌁also about the amount of music that has been released today, i'm so shook by how much i love it. especially dua lipa's album, it's just heaven in a box.🙈💕
⌁i have so many stuff i want to do in the summer, i will definitely make a bucket list + do all of them!💫
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heyy guys :)
my new theme is finally coming in! my first post on this theme will be when my summer starts, june 2!💓
i'm so excited to show you my new summery theme. i love it a lot.
also if you would like to be tagged COMMENT and i'll tag you in this whole theme.🐰
can't wait to show you it.🌿🕊

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i got her sweatshirt & it'll be here in a week!! i'm so excited omg!
+ last post on this theme holy macaroni
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happy easter if you celebrate it!!
this is the best edit in the blue theme tbh.
haha this doesn't match my theme! love life!
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thalia servin looks.👀♡
i love thalia more than she loves popcorn.
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