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  A weekly contest amongst the T@CW2016 alumni + friends, for fun...and glory 🏆


This week we feature Reindeer Names; no, Norman may not have been on Santa’s team, but it’s a dang good name for a reindeer, according to @ampershann
Theme: reindeer names
*width:* pretty normal
*contrast:* medium contrast
*endings:* bracketed serif
*shape:* italic forms
*weight:* normal
*slant:* upright
*descenders:* surprisingly short
*ascenders:* kinda short
*special:* add swashes
*chill level:* sweaty

Kicking off December with this week's theme: foreign words for/related to snow ☃️🌨❄️! Congrats to @camillesibucao with her very chill (and ricey) creation! This week's recipe was killer!!! ☃️❄️🌨⛄️❄️🌨☃️❄️🌨
*width:* pretty damn condensed
*contrast:* slight contrast
*endings:* tuscan serif
*shape:* blackletter
*weight:* nigh invisible
*slant:* olympic ski jumper lean
*descenders:* super fancy ass descenders
*ascenders:* super crazy ascenders
*special:* hands only (no pens/brushes/mice)
*chill level:* sweaty

We got PIE on the brain this week and a long lost challenger reappears! Welcome back, @camillesibucao!
_The Recipe_
*width:* condensed
*contrast:* high contrast
*endings:* angled endings
*shape:* rubber stamp
*weight:* missed a few meals
*slant:* no lean
*descenders:* pretty regular
*ascenders:* taller than normal
*special:* inktraps for white corners
*chill level:* icy

This week, we’re recognizing Native American Tribes and Nations. Featured are the Acoma people of New Mexico, Akokisa of Texas, and Coast Miwok of California. Which other tribes would you like to recognize this week?
theme: Native American Tribes/Nations
width: slightly condensed
contrast: ambiguous
endings: latin serif
shape: pointed pen (expansion)
weight: normal
slant: upright but with a slight wave
descenders: surprisingly short
ascenders: super crazy ascenders
special: toss some shade on it
chill level: super chill

This week’s theme was Whiskey brands. The winter is near and whiskey season is officially open for @ainat_. She was so excited about the theme that she participated for the first time! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
🥃Cheers everybody! 🥃
width: wide
contrast: slight contrast
endings: ambiguous serif
shape: stylus
weight: pretty heavy
slant: leaning waaaay back
descenders: normal
ascenders: no ascenders
special: toss some shade on it
chill level: the opposite of chill

This week’s theme was “things to be thankful for”, submitted by @frankrolf . So it only seemed right for @thatsoktoo to show him some love. If ya didn’t know, showDist is the greatest thing since sliced bread. 🙌

width: normal
contrast: ambiguous
endings: squishy
shape: broad edge nib (translation)
weight: pretty heavy
slant: no lean
descenders: no descenders
ascenders: average height
special: black and white only
chill level: hawt stuff

This week’s jar has some of the chilliest, villianest villains around.
_*Here's what's cookin*_
*width:* normal
*contrast:* very low contrast
*endings:* angled endings
*shape:* blackletter
*weight:* super extreme bold
*slant:* 5-15 degrees
*descenders:* no descenders
*ascenders:* kinda short
*special:* small caps
*chill level:* sweaty

What’s the Halloween candy you hate the most?

width: super effin condensed
contrast: low contrast
endings: sans serif
shape: mix of pointed/broad pen (transitional)
weight: bold
slant: any
descenders: no descenders
ascenders: taller than normal
special: analog hashtag no filter
chill level: not chill

Some scary stuff going on in this week’s entries! Technically there was a tie, but the wheel o’ fate decided that Mother comes first.
Theme: Scary movies
Recipe: *width:* normal
*contrast:* very low contrast
*endings:* bracketed serif
*shape:* ruling pen inspired
*weight:* hairline
*slant:* leaning back
*descenders:* surprisingly short
*ascenders:* taller than normal
*special:* 15 minute time limit
*chill level:* super chill

Guess there’s only one hot sauce you need! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ width: wide AF
contrast: ambiguous
endings: weird serif
shape: geometric
weight: medium
slant: 5-15 degrees
descenders: no descenders
ascenders: taller than normal
special: add outline or inline
chill level: the opposite of chill

Näääk näääk. Who's there? It's this week's winner, @annegwish33, who scoured the world of Swedish rap to bring you this triple-accented gem.

Theme: rappers

width: pretty damn condensed
contrast: high contrast
endings: sans serif
shape: stencil
weight: demi-bold
slant: upright but with a slight wave
descenders: fairly long
ascenders: kinda short
special: at least one accented character
chill level: super chill

#lettering #handlettering #rap #rappers #Coolio #Aminé #Näääk #typedesign #graphicdesign #typography #sfdesigners

We're either getting better at blindfolded lettering, or we've gonna some cheaters on our hands 🤔
Here's the recipe
theme: greek gods and goddesses 🏺
width: wide ↔️
contrast: ambiguous 🌀
endings: flaaaare 👗
shape: blackletter 🖤
weight: missed a few meals 🍽
slant: 5-15 degrees 📐
descenders: no descenders 🚫
ascenders: super average 🤷‍♀️
special: do it blindfolded 🙈
chill level: sweaty 😅

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