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hana al arfaj  i've been called a food snob le cordon bleu tokyo alumni pastry chef at mmc kuwait @hanamorikw


Try out the new flavor of soft serve from @icecreamerykwt that I developed .. can you guess what it is?
Pop-up April 24-27 from 6PM-10PM at @denimroom in Shuwaikh

Trekking up Mount Batur with @farikat .. I thought I was gonna die about a handful of times and was going to give up a bunch of times. It was worth it in the end. Thanks for your words of encouragement @farikat, couldn't have made it to the top without you .. and thanks @bali_trekking "Don't wake me up from my sleep to see something I can find on google lol" -Mi7sin
#MountBatur #Bali #Ubud #Trekking #Ba'3aitAmoot #HitMeIfIWantToGoTrekkingAgain #INeedToGoToTheGym #ThankGodForVentolin #IWokeUpAt2AMForThis #Fathyeen

ΩŠΩ‚ΨͺΩ„Ω†ΩŠ Ω‡Ψ§Ω„ΩˆΩ„Ψ― #BabyAdamHaddad

ASMR Matcha granola


Driscoll's ga9een 3alaikom tra
#OrganicStrawberries #Kuwait #Wafra

Strawberry fields forever

Como ❀️

Gyoza folding in action.. It was my first attempt at making gyoza and definitely not my last!

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