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  dt japril, ezria, or enzo edits to me and I'll love you forever give credit if you repost my edits


fc; 777 | 10/16/17
ship jaggie all you want but they’ll never this iconic
cc. ultrareyes
+sounds better with headphones 🎧

fc; 770 | 10/15/17
April Kepner aka the loml
ac. novaturism
cc. kaisculebra

fc; 768 | 10/14/17
ac. petrovaxspirit
cc. heartxstic

fc; 752 | 10/9/17
every inch of our love
ib/ac. westydiallen
cc. ultrareyes

fc; 732 | 10/4/17
deserved better
a cp
cc. bansheegrimes

fc; 710 | 10/2/17
hundred million reasons to walk away
cc. jane’sxwonderland
dt. my fellow japril hoes jayne, leah, and gianna

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