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Tyson Motsenbocker  Music person. Film hobbyist. Long walker. Surf Boarder. San Diego sometimes.


Almira is here.
These recordings have mistakes and errors in them, they're flawed. Things that could have been fixed weren't. Sometimes the songs break down a little bit under the pressure of themselves. I wanted them to feel that way. There's a moment in the opening title track where I accidentally muted a string and it flops and buzzes a little bit. It's just an acoustic guitar and a couple of other quiet layers and the mistake is glaring every time I listen. I decided not to re-track it or fix it. That song is about our expectations for the future, and the way things never seem to go the way we had planned them to. I didn't want to lose the things I lost in that song, and I didn't want to screw the guitar part up, but both things happened, and that is, in it's own way a part of the beauty of existence. I hope it is part of the beauty of that song as well.

Here's to the mistakes and the accidental human beauties of our lives. I hope Almira is with you during yours.

Tomorrow Almira is in the world. Excited for you to hear it.

Two days until Almira. A big inspiration for the song Almira was a collection of photo albums my aunt upload to the internet last year. A lot of old photo albums are void of character, I've found. Like the medium of a photograph was so new and magic, almost sacred, it required a reverence. You can see it in people's faces in old photos. These albums have so much character. Like they forgot they were supposed to be stoic. Little glimpses into the places we came from, somehow it always feels like we are learning ourselves in the hopes and dreams and disappointments of things that have already happened. Like there's a golden wisdom in there somehow, and when we do the same with the photos of ourselves today in later years, maybe we can be ahead of the curve.

Almira EP is out this Friday. Can't wait to share it with you.

One more from the Ryman last week. Something about that place was really inspiring and terrifying all at once. Meant a lot to have my dude @keithtuttii beside me, making everything more beautiful. The Almira EP comes out a week from today, and I'm back on the road with J+TL September 28 in Columbia Missouri. Photo - @connortd

The Ryman in Nashville is a history and a feeling and a stillness, a responsibility and too many other things to mention. There are moments in music that stand aside a little, and last night was special. Let's do it again tonight. 📸@grahamdodd

Opelika Alabama, 9.7.17

Tuscaloosa Alabama 9.6.17

This is my friend @mercboyan – he works for Bill Nye the Science Guy which I think is super braggable. I've been thinking about my old friends a lot lately, so many have given so much to assist my way through the world and my music. I am forever grateful to them. Tomorrow I get on the bus with some of my newer dear friends @judahandthelion for a few shows before tour officially kicks of at the end of the month. All tour dates in bio, I hope to catch you at a show soon.

The first song from the Almira EP is available today, and preorders are live.
I have a couple of dear friends who live in Idaho. There are moments occasionally when I find myself in a place that feels quiet and steady and beautiful and I imagine what a life off the road would look like in that place. My friend Tom Kuhns is a legendary man and friend to me. One day I was standing on the bank of Lake Coeur D'Alene in the middle of the night with him, talking about family and home. I talked about the loneliness of the road and some of the unseen consequences of the life I've chosen. In true Idaho fashion he said "Yeah man, I don't really care what you do, but everybody here, we all love you." And I think about that moment a lot when the lights die down and I'm moving toward a new town.

Cats out of the bag friends. I have a new EP set to release next month. It's called Almira.
A couple of summers back I was touring through Eastern Washington when I accidentally discovered the little town my mom had grown up in called Almira, Washington. I took the exit and drove through the town on accident before I realized I had. It's a little dying farm town that remembers better times, railroads, barn dances, hot summer nights when the farms were one hundred acres instead of ten thousand and horses and plows instead of tractors that look like Star Wars mechanisms. There's an old barn there, next to the high school where every class of Almira High School wrote their graduation year on the side of the barn in colored paint. I sat there for a while until I found my mom's year, I imagined the little class of farm kids leaving their mark upon the world at the closing of the great opening chapter of their lives. I realized that growing up is a process of encountering the discrepancies of your earlier imaginations. I had always assumed that one day I would come back to Almira with my mom, and she would tell me about the town. Instead, I came back when she was gone, and it was the town telling me about her.

Friends I'm in need of assistance. Please halp me. I need merch volunteers for the tour with Judah and the Lion this fall. If you want a free ticket or two to the show in your town shoot me an email. tyson.motsenbocker@gmail.com. First come first serve. Check out the dates I posted a few days ago for more info. ❤️❤️❤️🤙🏻🕶

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