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San Francisco you were a dream as usual. Thank you for everything. @branches you guys are ok too. Headed to Vermont tomorrow, but in the meantime I'm going to wander around the city and marvel about how all the houses are different. 📸@danajophotos

Flash back Friday to emo haircut times at Lost Canyon with an elk horn chandelier. Fast forward Friday to today, when I'm headed to San Francisco to play an all ages show at the Great American Music Hall with @branches – see all you city nerds there.

California, I'll be back this week, Friday in San Francisco at the Great American Music Hall with @branches – and I'm very much looking forward to it. link in profile bby.

I'm in the airport headed home from British Columbia today. It's been a beautiful summer so far. I have some fun news next week and I am excited to tell you.

Shipwreck update. They dragged the boat off the rocks with a tow boat and then it flipped over, drifted down the rapids and sank. The coast guard was like "bummer for you guys" and drove their bigger cooler boats back to Vancouver.

Oh my boat? It's cool, just having a little chill out nap time by the green lighthouse until the tide comes up.

Greetings from the Malibu Club in Canada.

When I first moved to California I lived in Santa Cruz during the summers playing bass at a camp in the redwoods above town. During the day I would drive down to Pleasure Point and try to surf the 80's fish I found in the weeds next to the house I was staying in. One of the first days out a guy with an eye patch walked past me carrying a huge single fin longboard and said "learning how to surf?" I said I was. "Careful, it'll change your world." That guy was Jack O'Neil, the inventor of the wetsuit, legendary waterman, sailor, aviator and conservationist. These days there aren't as many characters like Jack around. The ones who shine out in the stories of our lives. RIP Jack. Thanks for making the world a little more magical, and also for making it so we can surf all year.

Two weeks ago we did the first ever @melodyleague secret show at @univstudio in Encinitas. I was thinking today about how the best moments in my life are pretty regularly a bunch of people in a room about music. I am so thankful for people and for music today.

I have some exciting things to share with y'all soon – a lot of being away from home for a while to play songs and meet people and be inspired and tired and overwhelmed by the newness of places and people. For now I'm home, rode my bike around town this morning and ran into some friends and I'm glad to be alive and in the present moment I'm in, which is really more exciting and unusual than any exciting new opportunities to come later on. I've been trying to live simply and quietly lately. And when I succeed, that's the best thing that can happen. 📸@gregorywoodman

San Francisco – I'll be at the Great American Music Hall with @branches Friday 7/14. Tickets available now, links in the bio.
Love you forever XOXOxoXox

SAN DIEGO : this is an announcement for you. This Thursday May 18th we are doing a secret show that is not open to the public. I can't tell you everybody who is playing because that's part of the secret, but know that you will be very excited to be there. There are ten spots open right now to yalls if you go to melodyleaguesecret.com and use the password americasfinestcity – after ten RSVPs the link will close so do it now! Hope you get one and we will see you there. Link in bio.
UPDATE - we are all full. That happened fast. Stay tuned, we might have some more to release tomorrow...

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