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Jamie Parslow  Producer/Director, film geek, writer, and constant worrier.

This damn city is so stinkin’ pretty. If it weren’t for the film industry, I’d pack my bags immediately and move down here.

The line was too long, but the experience was wonderful. @laikastudios did a bang up job, and I’m inspired once again.

San Diego is lovely.

Rehearsal footage of our intrepid puppeteers at work making Patch come alive for @patchshortfilm. Built by @roy_knyrim and his team of amazing artists and collaborators.

I randomly turned down the opacity on a dual camera shot to see how they matched up and ended up taking a poster shot. This thing is coming along, and I really hope we can make it work for you guys. @patchshortfilm @decentralizedfilms @tatebirchmore @egzcinema

Burn, body, burn.

Dog sitting my newest best friend ever this week.

New demo reel up on my website. It’s been a good few years out here in LA with some of the best friends and collaborators a guy could ask for, and I’m hoping to always do bigger and better work. Hope you enjoy! Check out my website (still needs updating) for more. Link in my bio.

Treat yo self.

Hey all! @decentralizedfilms just posted some #bts of @patchshortfilm. Go to their Facebook page and check out my bad hair and gut as me and Chris, the co-writer and producer ramble on about this movie we made. Love youuuuuuuu ❤️❤️❤️🎥🎥🎥

Just me in my natural state, staring off into blissful nothingness. 📸 courtesy of @jayflats

@reidn and I cuddled close in his closet to help 15 Minutes of Faye, a feature we worked on 7 years ago, finally get finished. I had to revisit myself as an actor, had to mimic some crying, some yelling, and weirdly had to pitch my voice up to match my 24 year-old self. The movie is almost finished, and I’m excited about seeing it in its final form. Lots of hard work and dedication from director Josh Ingle’s part, but thank goodness for his tenacity, or else this probably wouldn’t have ever been finished.

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