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Jao Picart ピカート・ジャオ  Lv. 24 digital art enthusiast | Aspiring concept artist & character illustrator | Self-taught | Portraits and stuff | PH 🇵🇭

Thank you, Mr. Ditko, for inspiring fans, leading to the creation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that we know and love today. 🙏 #RIPSteveDitko
#steveditko #spiderman #doctorstrange

So I came across this hashtag called #eyememe and I just had to join because I have nothing else to post for now 😫 As I was making this collage I realized that I need to put more effort into drawing eyes. I'll start working on that when my PC gets resurrected 😂

Just saw this photo of my Spider-Man PS4 wip a while back. How timely that they showed new footage in E3. I was planning to do a "Latest Spider-Men" piece with this guy together with Infinity War Iron Spider and Into the Spider Verse Miles Morales but I guess we'll never see that 😭 #SpiderManPS4 #E32018

Deadpool 2 was so fun just like the first one! Here's some quick sketches I did ✌️😁

"The end is near"

Nope, the end is here. My PC just died. For real this time. Something inside almost burst into flames. And this is a photo of my recent progress with the new artwork I was planning to finish in time for Infinity War. Was it a coincidence that my PC died almost at the same time as IW's release? Damn you, Thanos! I think this is a good time to take a long break. I don't know when I'll be able to fix my PC soooo... bye for now I guess. I'll still be active here on IG though. Lurking.. also I'll try to be more active on twitter @jaopicksart (shameless plug) but I won't be able to post new artworks for a long time. Maybe I'll try posting traditional artworks for the time being. With.. pencil and paper. *shivers* Nah, I'm kidding. But seriously though, I might do that for now. So, yeah. Digital artworks will be back FOR SURE! I just don't know when. 😭

RIP my pc 2012-2018

#Thanos #InfinityWar #WIP #InfinityWIP #sadness #InfinitySadness

I don't have anything new to post yet so why not join the #artvsartist bandwagon? I'm super late to the party though. Yup, that's me, judging my own artworks and wondering why I'm very slow in improving my skills ✌️😁

🎶I keep my ideals sorezore no jinsei🎶

Last Hero Aca fan art for now. Listened to the new OP on loop while doing this from start to finish and I can surely say that it grew on me. Now give me episode 2 already 😂

King Explosion Murder! First episode of S3 was kind of meh but I'm still excited for the coming arcs! Hype is real 😂 Will resume Marvel/DC posts soon! ✌️😁

Any My Hero Academia fans out there? I'm very excited for Season 3! I hope we get to see All Might VS *spoiler* in anime form. Am I right, manga readers? You know what I mean. 😉

You know what bothers me? Doctor Strange had the yellow gloves in Thor Ragnarok but he doesn't wear it in Infinity War, based on the trailers. I wanted to paint him wearing the gloves, but ended up redesigning his costume with a more comic booky look. I included the Eye of Agamotto in the suit, so we can't call it a "necklace" now 😂

*snikt* Let's go, bub!
Here's my take on MCU Wolverine. Decided to give him optional white eyes although I don't see the point. Maybe for night vision? He won't need it though because he can just track the smell.. idk man. Anyway, how many X's can you spot on the suit? 😁

"Dread it. Run from it. Destiny still arrives"
Here's a Thanos piece inspired by one of @jimcheungart's artworks (swipe left)
One month to go!!!! #InfinityWar

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