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Thor and Luke Cage close-up of the previous artwork I posted. Spent A LOT of time detailing Thor's costume 😥😂

Spoiler alert if you haven't seen Spider-Man: Homecoming yet! And if you haven't, you've waited too long! Here's my take on the Iron Spider(?) suit at the end of the movie. I just used one of my Spidey paintings as the base and did my best to copy what was shown in the movie and in some blurry pics on the internet. I'll do a more accurate one after we get some hd pics!

Sorry if you got spoiled, but a lot of artists have already posted theirs at this point so why not post mine 😁

I finally finished after almost a month! I got really inspired by the Marvel Legacy cover by @thealexrossart so I tried to do an MCU version. ✌️😁 I might add more characters if I get in the mood. 😁 Maybe i'll be posting close-ups of this for the next few days.

Spider-Man: Homecoming! Loved the movie!! Best Spidey film yet in my opinion! Just a little ahead of Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 2. Can't wait for the Bluray release!! Here's a Peter Parker piece I did yesterday. Might do one more Spider-Man artwork before moving on to other characters 😁😂

Hearing so much great news about Spider-Man: Homecoming! I'm so excited to see it that I literally can't wait. I guess I won't be on social media until i watch the movie to avoid spoilers 😁

Here's a teaser of something I'm working on. Might be able to finish this by next week! #WIP

Homemade suit! This was so fun to paint!

"Spider-Men Ver. 2"

Just had the idea to put my 3 recent Spider-Man portraits together to make another "Spider-Men" piece 😁

16 days to go here in the Philippines! Who's excited?? 🤘🕷🕸 #SpiderManHomecoming

Rewatched Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy. I still think Spider-Man 3 is garbage. 😂 But the first two were good. Now who here misses Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man?

Going back to another Spidey piece! Rewatched The Amazing Spider-Man while painting this. Who here misses Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man? 😊

Just to be clear, I DID NOT MAKE THIS. (I'm miles away from painting a masterpiece like this lol) Sharing this because it's super dope!!! I love this so much. Hopefully I'd be able to paint at this level in the future! 😭 (photo is from the official art book of the movie) #spidermanhomecoming #spiderman #tomholland #marvel #marvelstudios

Just a small tribute to Mr. Adam West. Rest in peace, good sir! #AdamWest #RIPadamwest

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