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January Jones 

1 blu👁 series #insidejoke

🐥 sometimes I just miss her

It’s true, I gotta remember to not be so rigid, it’s just hard when you’re made of ice. 🌸

Daily moon notes by @heidiroserobbins

I’m super into the fact that I can now share clothes with my kid. He may not feel the same. OR.. maybe he’s wearing some Versace leggings as I speak at you..? 😜

What’s your fav

This is for you. Discuss @ericcolsen

my Son(merman), 7yrs ago today you made me a Mother and I’m forever grateful. You came out of me(so sci-fi), silently staring at me, making me wish I was representing myself better, maybe a different gown, covered in less sweat and goo perhaps.. but as I stared back I knew that you didn’t mind because it was obvious we had met before, probably many times, and the love was immediate, fierce, and familiar. I was so excited to meet you that day and I’m even more excited to see what you do with this life. You’re already amazing at it. ❤️Momma.

These girls have never been so smitten.

It’s not fun having a bad cold, I think we can all agree on that. But may I say that the pale glow that accompanies fever is not the worst part? #glowsick #muscusistheworstpart

So good ❤️
@kaepernick7 @nike

Summer lift

Love. ❤️

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