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Januar Ma  A life worth living for. Click click. Picture perfect.

I'm trying to add "Decent cook" under my resume for my future lover. #yoboycanmakescrmableeggs #ovariesscramled #tmi

What a beautiful day...to sweat.

Hipster place. Hipster food. Am I a hipster now?

I want to say something nice but I have severe aphasia.

ITS SO FLUFFY!!! I want this at my wedding. #fatdontcare #itbounces #iwishmyassbounces

Late night boba crave.

I didn't know I was performing at #cochella, oh well next week I will perform an Indy version of I will Always Love You by Whitney Houston. 🌼🌸🎤⛺️🎡🌵#jagwarma #januarma

Yo. This childhood game hit the soft part of my heart. You did good @pokemon . You did good. Thank you to everyone for my birthday wish. We met for a reason and I want to say thank you. #blessed

I just cannot shake this image out of my head. At first I thought it was a advertisement for a scary movie, however, after reading the caption I was sadden by what the world has become. Even when watching the short video clip, I was sad, teary and mad. As this child from #aleppo stares into this world, the world stares back and does what?...barely anything. Because this will be yesterdays history and the world will be more concerned about tomorrows @olympics drama and #Kardashians gossip. . .sigh. If it's war that you #politicians want, then you fight them yourself. Leave these kids out of it so they can enjoy their lives. You had your fun as a child! Now let them have theirs! You reading this @hillaryclinton @barackobama @vp @timkaine Photo Credit: @guardian

Hello Ong Noi. How are you today?

Hard work definitely pays off and I'm going to keep it that way! #happyjan

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