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Janroe Cabiles  Let me sing you a waltz

you and your wrong turns

an underwater photo of my a$$ as hazy as my future

been a bit stingy with the going-ons, but i'm trying to live in the moment lol~

if lüv was a war, vocabulary wud be my shield.


look at the home we've built together ✨

graduating class of 2017 lol @nyaels @guilliana5 @nadinelayon

so this is how second chances feel


took three years, but i'm not complaining.

by my best friend @nyaels

they'll say what they say and they'll do what they do but it doesn't mean a god damn thing

went to pride the other day and it meant a lot to me; like my batteries recharged after a year without knowing they were on their way out.


actual footage of me out of drag, getting annoyed with someone taking photographs
+ a little bts of @nyaels bossing me around

me when when i watch too much wong kar-wai + don't get enough food or sleep + experience life too much lol


this time last year

slex > skyway lol mmrs


film photos came back from my mainland (half joke) and these are the only memories i have of feeling cold (no joke) 🇰🇷
minolta fs-e III
lucky super 200

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