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Beach trips >> Out of the country 🏝💗

✨ Best weekend ever ✨

❝ I met my soulmate before I was conceived. We were nothing but constellations composed of dying stars. Before the supernovas consumed us, he told me, “Don’t ever feel alone in the years to come. You may have your doubts, but we’ll collide again. They say the universe is infinite, but so is love.❞

Beautiful country with beautiful people ☺️ Japan will always be a breath of fresh air 🎌🍃

A magical day indeed ✨🧙🏼‍♂️ #imawizzurd


Years from now, I’ll be telling my kids that museums before used to be “plain and boring” 😂 #digitalartmusée 💻🎨

Shine bright 💎✨💯

School’s out means I get to hang out with my mommy 😍🌃💖

The last 3 days has been really amazing. I met a lot of people from all over the world, friends I never knew I’d make 🌎💗 What I’m really thankful for is this committee that I am part of, Standing Committee on Sexual and Reproductive Health including HIV/AIDS. This is something I’ve been really passionate about and I’m glad to meet people who has the same fire as me to bring change into this world.

Nothing but a humbling experience and I will definitely take all the things I’ve learned back to my country 🇵🇭 #APRM2018 #IFMSA #AMSA

Summit yo 🇰🇷💘☁️⛰

Can’t believe I was up here. Cloudy, but damn it was still amazing 😍💯✨

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