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Jano Sanvicente. 🎥🎬  Actor representado por La Farándula en España www.lafarandulactores.com 🎥 Y Shoot Management en México www.shootmanagementmx.com

Create colours out of the greys. 💥

Uno siempre está en el lugar y el momento en el que debe estar.

If you want things to change, don't play always the same. 💫

Pero ahora tu cabeza es una tormenta de arena y cada noche una espiral. 🌀
Pic by @hermanografas

Protect me from what I want.

Colour up your life. ⚀⚁⚂⚃⚄

Shall I go and change my point of view?

Smile like you mean it.

This wicked game.
📸 @hermanografas 💇‍♂️🕴 @lluisavalldaura

I'm going to smile for both of us.
Pic by amazing @crisagullophoto

Cutlery. 🍴
Pic @hermanografas
Estilismo @lluisavalldaura

Beauty is always subjective. It just depends on the eyes watching you. 📸@hermanografas 💇‍♂️🕴@lluisavalldaura

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