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Janine Haughton 

🎵I'm here to keep my eye on her🎵

Merry Christmas, everyone🎄

Finals are about to start and I am STRESSED about it so instead of showing a picture of that, here's one where I was happy and carefree in Lebanon even though a nun had accidentally poisoned me.

For people who hate celebrating Halloween we make a good pumpkin patch.

End of the world.

Missing my sister and the version of me that gets to be in vacation mode in Lebanon

Going back to the Atlantic is going to be tough after being spoiled by the Mediterranean.

Checking "explore Lebanon" off my bucket list 🇱🇧

Tried something new today along with every retired person in the Harrisburg area and some babysitters desperately looking for something to do with their charges.

Always missing Denmark, but the feeling has been stronger the past few days🇩🇰
It's alright though cause I may have a VERY exciting trip in the works for this summer🤞

At least 2 of my professors have told me that their first year of law school was the worst year of their lives. While the past 2 semesters have been excruciating, exhausting, and terrifying, I've also found some really awesome friends who have made being a 1L bearable. Here's to not failing our finals and to never thinking about Blackacre until the bar❤🤓

I know I missed international sibling day or whatever but Nessy still deserves an Instagram post cause she's quickly becoming the fairy godmother of publishing in NYC not even a year after graduating college. To celebrate my little sister, here's a video my mom took in the late 90s that I watch when I miss her a lot.

P.S. to add to your viewing pleasure, some background info: my mom used to obsessively ask @vanessahaughton and I the address of our house in case we were kidnapped...this is Vanessa's response after getting tired of being asked where we lived for the millionth time.

It's very fitting that 2 of my favorite people in the world share a birthday. The universe wanted this day to be extra magical so we got Cocoa and Tayta. Happy birthday you two!❤❤

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