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Janie Boozer  generally, the path less traveled appeals.

love this part of town. and had the best black friday buy experience one could ask for. #seminoleheights #joehaskins

a cold and foggy day in NC, followed by a warm tavern. missin you @jboozer

my boys!

welcomed to asheville by this person. you might know her, maybe heard me talk about her....i mention her sometimes @jboozer 🙌🏼👭

prince and bowie from last night are now currently trying to figure out how and why there is glitter everywhere. @jtom715

just a bunch of happy hour fools waiting on an uber. but man, the many ways they are so much more than that. they call me on my bullshit, aren't afraid to have thought provoking conversations that make you cry, support me when faced with big life decisions, and they all do it in their own very different ways. I can't thank them enough for their support. Growing up in my house we always had a plaque that read "home is where the army sends you". Well in my scenario, my family still hasn't settled and the army is no longer telling us what to do, so for now "home is where you feel comfortable". and aside from the florida heat that i incessantly complain about .... I'd say i'm pretty comfortable. thanks guys

thinking of zion this morning before i head to the Cleveland Clinic to get my learn on. I wasn't sure why at first, then I realized ....... that while i'm incredibly greatful for this oppurtunity to advance my skills, i somehow always end up dreaming about being outside/working outside instead. Can there be a nurse park ranger? because that would fulfill me in every way. I could go on trails with people, first aid pack in tow, reassuring them that i know what poison ivy looks like (i don't) and then whip out my pack and ace wrap a sprained ankle like nobody's business. I mean just look at how awesome I can take care of blisters #blisterprofessional ask @schmemtobias #myfeethateme

🍺chuggin' along🍺

shout out to these folks for helping me avoid schoolwork all weekend .

two years and quite a few more laugh lines later . thanks for all the little things. like giving me your jacket in the rain. but also thanks for the big things. like talking me through that one time i kept tripping over my skis and had a complete mental breakdown on the side of a mountain #happytwoyears #loveyouboy @jtom715

full trip. full heart.

dad got to pull into his very own dock yesterday for the first time. mom cried. and champagne was consumed. #stillnohouse #prioritiespeople #boozerbuilt

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