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Janey Brown  Movement.Music.Mindset. Performance Mindset @FEARCEACADEMY| Head Coach @joga_world 🎤Singer/Speaker|🍑Wellness Pro BLOG & guide on tech addiction 👇


“Phone addiction” is a real thing and it’s being used by many as a way to avoid addressing the rapidly rising depression and anxiety dilemma in our society.
However, finding solace in our phones is a bad habit that can be broken and built into a better one like any other. •
Due to an influx of demand for help on the subject of phone control, business consultant/Life Coach @lomyrick & I teamed up and put together some of the best phone-free habits we’ve adopted into our lives to find our way back to feeling connected, creative, productive and happy.

Read the full blog and download our "Do Not Disturb" infograph here!
http://www.janeybrown.com/do-not-disturb (LINK IN BIO)

🎶 "Really Wanna" @janeybworld & @runawayj
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What up #Canadian crew!! @underarmourca & I want YOU to win the CanadaWill unisex T I'm wearing in my instagram stories right meow!!
Contest Rules:
1) Like this post
2) Tag all your buddies with the strongest will power + #CanadaWill
3) Follow @underarmourca
4) Person who tags the most people wins!! I'll personally choose 1 badass winner in 24 hours- GO!!! Congrats to @cpa.einnob on the win!! Thanks for playing 💕

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Thank you to @trailblazers Performance Coach @ben_kenyon_ for inviting me onto Season 2 Episode 56 of the @theyouniquepiece #podcast!! Always such meaningful conversations when we chop it up friend. 👊🏽🤘🏽 http://www.janeybrown.com/pordcast (link in bio)
"Having obstacles in our lives can help us become the best versions of ourselves and Janey Brown has shown that to be the case. Janey shares the tools she’s learned in those difficult moments, to teach others how to overcome fear through her #PerformanceMindsetProgram. Tune in to learn more about how you can overcome your own fears."

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@monochromeculture @fearceacademy
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That time you meet a boss chick on @instagram, decide to collaborate, fly to her country and slay a performance on managing jealousy & #selflove for the @youngelites at @kadifit...
Special thanks to @clean.juice for keeping us hydrated and healthy and to @lululemon for the giveaways!!!
This is part iii of the #JaneyBworld
& #Kadifit story...

Can't wait to give this talk at CSD & @cannonschool today!! DM us if you want @kadikatie and I to deliver this anti-bullying/mental health initiative for your school, staff or team!!

🎥 @joshuakarapetian 🎵 "Oxygen" @janeybworld & @djadamcooper
#fearceacademy #blocclt #cleanjuice #lululemon

That concludes a very successful ending to another 40 hour @joga_world coach training!! I'm incredibly proud of all my trainees for their #courage to first try something new & cutting edge and the dedication to then see through all the many challenges until the end.
Forever #GRATEFUL for the opportunity to #LEAD and #LEARN from you all.

Big thank you to @jogajana for creating such a badass program and @kadifit & @the_cococo for the beautiful training spaces.

📷 @thebrojax - can't wait to see your masterpiece from this weekend. Thank you for all your hard work.

#jogaworld #kadifit #JaneyBworld #fearceacademy #blocclt

Super pumped to be leading the #Joga Coach #training @kadifit Nov 2-5!!! If you're looking to try out what @joga_world is all about, come to #KadiFit @ 7:30a tomorrow (Thursday), 7:00a Friday and 10:15a Saturday for a FREE class!
See you all tomorrow bright and early!! 💪🏽👊🏽🤗

#jogaworld #yogaforathletes #janeybworld #changeyourgame

Singing to the beautiful group of people that came to the managing jealousy and building self love talk @kadikatie & I gave for the @youngelites at @kadifit on Sunday... for the record- this really was the first try!! 🤣 Thanks for all the support everyone!!! ❤😘🔥

🎤Superwoman by @aliciakeys
#KadiFit #youngelites #cleanjuice #fearceacademy @clean.juice @fearceacademy

4 chances to get a FREE #JOGA practise in this week - starting today @ 12p #kādiinthepark (First Ward Park)!!! •
@kadifit @joga_world #yogaforathletes #jogaworld #janeybworld #kadfit

The instant you can be AWARE of your jealousy and ACCEPT it, then you can ADJUST it.
Part ii of the #KadiFit & #JaneyBworld story...

Extatic to be collaborating with @kadikatie and @youngelites to give a performance/ talk on managing #jealousy and building #selflove - 4p tonight @kadifit!!!
All are welcome to this FREE event and the @clean.juice truck is bringing goodies!
@lululemon 📽 @joshuakarapetian

#youngelites #cleanjuice #lululemon #thesweatlife #fearceacademy #bloc #YOUNGELITES

Hey you- blondie!
Ok… blondie with the blue eyes!!
FINE.. blondie with the blue eyes in the middle!!! Yeah you....the one who swept us off our feet her sparkle.

The one who played a big part in helping draft the players of @Joga_World into a team, causing us to form a tighter family.

The one who has personally cleaned and patched me up after some epic losses and helped me Prepare For Battle again and again.

I'm talking to the rock n roll, high fashion hustler, strictly business, all-class sexy mother f*cker, who wears big black boots, a silver skull around her neck and a cheeky look on her face.

I've seen you spreading your wings and taking flight on your new adventure. One you’ve worked hard for and deserve to have take you to the stars.
I’m proud of you, I respect you, I support you.
But before the stars keep you for themselves so they can learn how to shine brighter, you should know that we’re grateful.

Thank you. For all you've done for our confidence, our connection, our focus and our world.
You're a true warrior, leader and sister. •
You are missed often and loved always.
Keep having the time of your life queen. 
Happy Birthday. Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Love JaneyB

So incredibly blessed that this powerhouse from the south (@kadikatie) had the courage to reach out on @instagram to share her admiration for me!!!
Not only did it lead to an exciting business partnership in conquering similar goals together, but it also created a great friendship.
This is a small #behindthescenes of what is just the beginning of our story...
🎵 "My Time" @janeybworld & @djadamcooper

#janeybworld #kadifit #fearceacademy #bloc

Repost @kadikatie ・・・
I saw this girl on IG and my immediate reaction was out of jealousy... but, something powerful happened. Come to ā REAL talk on “Managing Jealousy and Self Love” THIS Sunday @5pm @kadifit FREE •
Thanks to @youngelites
@lizjoyce @lululemon
@joga_world for your continued support of this journey.

Honoured to be a part of this empowering movement created by Olympian, speaker and all around inspiration @sarahwells400mh!!! Congratulations on the #BelieveInitiative... this is just the beginning of you helping people make their dreams come true. Keep slaying sis!!!! ❤🏆 ・・・
"CHALLENGE YOURSELF! Listen to Believe Ambassador @janeybworld tells us what it means to her, to Challenge herself. •

This week let's look within and challenge our ability to be courageous. Stand up for your self or someone else who is being mistreated.

If you have a story you'd like to share, visit our website and click the 'Share Your Story' button. Www.believeinitiative.com"

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