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My future husband lives as this beautiful 18-year-old Pakistani boy.

Another #okcupid scumbag trying to cheat behind his girlfriend's back. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ALL OF YOU?
My female friends and I constantly get messages from guys with girlfriends asking to hookup.


Get ready to be told why you're 100% wrong. #selfportrait

A friend of mine told me she can tell just by looking at recent photos of me that I've gotten my confidence back in the last few months.
It's amazing how making small changes can give you a totally different life.

This video is AMAZING!
I use techniques like this to change my facial features (as well as get injections) and this is by far the best lip enhancement using makeup I have ever seen!

My dream boyfriend @curbyourlarrydavid

Baby boy got a cookie from his auntie @mandiergrs