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Janet Kim  🎼 Musician ✏️ Designer 🎨 Artist My debut EP 📀Lovely is out now! Check it out ⬇️

My beautiful friend @e18thst cooked up a feast for the gal pals! It was delicious.

Team Fun Day! We took an @untappedcities tour of Coney Island and learned a lot — about Lilliputia, the town of little people that you could pay to see, an elephant-shaped hotel, that Donald Trump’s father was also a dick... good times!

We took my parents out for an early Mother’s day dinner. Dad is smizing. We’ve given up on Mom.

Flew to Houston at the crack of dawn yesterday to go to a wedding with bae #abcdyouandme

HAIM!!!!!!!! OMG

I am usually reluctant to pay for apps but I have been inspired by @hnicholsillustration and I ponied up the $10 bucks for @procreate. Made a sketch today — doing some back and forth with a vendor in India about a top for my wedding. Figured a sketch with my desired color palette could help! Sketching this way, with access to an almost infinite collection of virtual art supplies without having to deal with carrying them around is fun!

#sketch #procreate #illustration #fashion

I’ve been getting more into flowers 🌸 over the past couple of years. I finally finished the bottle of @widow_jane that @skuhlke bought me for my EP release, and wanted to put some flowers in the bottle. Bought these for $7 this morning at @traderjoes — Dianthus mini and “Filler” (@margajavier what are they called?) They are making me happy on this Saturday. #dianthus

Day 13: My fiancé is in town so I missed several days but made up for it today. Today I worked on practice sketches of me playing violin. The perspective is a bit tricky

#100daysJK #bts #The100DayProject #sketches #pencil

Day 5: Missed yesterday but made up for it by doubling up today. Finished writing out ideas for the storyline, now working on storyboard sketches. Chunking it out in tiny bits makes the project feel less overwhelming. •

#100daysJK #bts #The100DayProject #storyboard #sketches #pencil

As excited as I am to get married, I’ve been frustrated that most of my energy outside of work has been dedicated to wedding planning lately. I have a myriad of creative projects and skills I want to develop on the back burner. At work someone posted in Slack about #the100dayproject and my interest was piqued.
I’ve been wanting to create an animated music video for my song, Lovely, and I’ve decided that I will spend 10 minutes or more for the next 100 days working on this project. I’m not sure if I will post my progress every day, but this first post is me writing out a sketch of what I envision each frame to look like. (I had started doing this a while ago but can’t remember where I put it). I’ve only gotten a quarter of the way through the song so the next few days will probably be the same. Stay tuned! •

#100daysJK #bts

A bit of the ocean 🌊 on my finger. That’s what I wanted for my engagement ring. After visiting several jewelry boutiques and poring over images on Instagram and Pinterest, I wanted a bi-color blue/green sapphire.
I was eventually forced to accept that I couldn’t expect to snap my fingers and magically get the stone I imagined in my head (damn it, nature!). I had initially sought a marquise bi-color stone of a certain dimension. One jewelry proprietor told me that there were three qualities of a gemstone — color, shape, and size. I could hope for getting two out of the three that I wanted, but getting all three would mean waiting indefinitely.
After searching for months, including having expensive sapphires shipped to my apartment from Montana, I ended up finding the gorgeous center stone for this ring, a 2.47ct oval bi-color sapphire from Sri Lanka, at @naturalsapphireco here in NY. It is natural and unheated (some sapphires are heat treated to make the color more vibrant). It is a color change sapphire (looks more blue in outdoor light, more green in indoor light). Many thanks to @rika_shey (who coincidentally lived in the same dorm as me in college!). She patiently showed me dozens of sapphires from all over the world, helped me select the center stone, and make decisions about the setting. (If you ever want a sapphire ring, I wholeheartedly recommend going to them). The center stone is flanked on the sides by five sapphire melees of different colors, sourced for me by @oliphant.katie at @the_gem_gallery in Montana. The 6th stone is a diamond. I love my ring but will probably do something more simple for my wedding band. 😅

#engagementring #sapphire #bicolor #colorchange #bluegreen #oval #melee

😮 We’re engaged! @skuhlke proposed on St. Paddy’s Day while we were snowshoeing (my 1st time) in Vail Pass, with a 💍 I designed.🧑🏽❤️👩🏻 (Separate post on the ring to come.)

#engaged #love #vailpass #tanscott #justengaged #loversandfriends

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