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Janet Kim  🎼 Musician ✏️ Designer 🎨 Artist My debut EP 📀Lovely is out now! Check it out ⬇️

My coworker wrote my name in medieval style #calligraphy #janet 😁

Banyan 🌳 trees #banyantree

Other shots from our trip — we traveled by foot and jeep to catch breathtaking views around the island. I admit I may have been a complainy pants sometimes but it was wonderful. One night we stayed in yurts at a retreat center and were stoked to find we were the only guests (probably thanks to the hurricane) and enjoyed chilling at the pool and seeing the stars at night. Oh and there were colorful geckos everywhere.

We read about a brackish pool near a lone palm tree, only accessible by walking for half an hour through lava rocks so as afternoon became evening we set out. I was nervous we were going the wrong way until we spotted the palm tree in the distance. We didn’t linger too long at the pool because I was worried about getting back before dark but we enjoyed the trek.

#kaunaoabay #hawaii #maunakeabeach #latergram

Today @skuhlke and I went to Mauna Kea, an extinct volcano that reaches 13800 feet, in hopes of catching a beautiful sunset and doing some stargazing.
We drove to the summit and did a short hike along the way to see the sacred Lake Waiau at 13000 ft. I thought I was going to have a heart attack and die on the way; I need to work on cardio.
Unfortunately, cloud cover foiled our plans of watching the sunset and stargazing at the Visitor Center, but it was surreal to be surrounded by the clouds. The moisture collected on our hair. The sunset over the horizon was beautiful on our way back to the west coast. •

#maunakea #hawaii #sunset #alpinelake #lakewaiau

Glad we didn’t heed the hoopla about the hurricane and made our way out here. It’s beautiful. I discovered an interesting creature on our balcony this morning.

We did it! Can’t believe I married my soulmate @skuhlke on Saturday. Many thanks to the wedding party, our families, and all the friends and relatives who came from near and far, and who sent prayers and warm wishes our way for this special day.

Going into the day I was feeling great because I had planned for everything... except the weather.
By early afternoon it looked like the weather would cooperate but as afternoon turned to evening the rain came.
At 6pm when the ceremony was to start, my coordinator Stephanie, (who was an angel), managed to convince the venue to start cocktail hour before the ceremony to buy us time.
At 6:45, the rain hadn’t stopped, and Scott gently told me (picture of us conferring by the window) that he thought we should finally consider holding the ceremony indoors. My heart sank. I was insistent about having it outdoors; the florist had installed the arch outside, and this is how I had envisioned it the last 5 months of painstaking planning. I put in a final prayer urging God to pull one through for me, and asked the wedding party if they would forgive me for doing it in the rain. My bridesmaid Kellan had brought Bluetooth speakers for music while we got ready, which we used for sound because the DJ had set up indoors to avoid damaging his equipment.
At ~7pm we started the ceremony and God gave us a 20 minute dry window. By the end of the ceremony a drizzle had returned but I am told a rainbow appeared. 😀
Pro photos to come, but wanted to share some preliminary photos taken by friends for now.

#PAJPASsion #wedding #blessed
Photos by @poojakmehta, @jodikneisel, @i_n_s_t_a_g_r_a_h_a_m
Boomerang by @nmabini

In April, I was pleasantly surprised when I was awarded the 2018 Archie D. and Bertha H. Walker Scholarship to take @jamesestanley’s portrait workshop at the @fineartsworkcenter this past week.
Wedding planning has taken up a considerable amount of my free time, and I’ve been frustrated to not have had time for creative projects. The week went by so quickly and while I learned so much, I felt like I had just gotten a chance to warm up. I’m hoping that after the wedding, which is in a little over a month (!) I will have time to paint more consistently.

1-4: Day 5 progress shots of my self portrait in reverse. I’m not thrilled with the outcome. I went back in the evening, after spending about 4 hours in the morning, to finish the painting and struggled for another 4 hours trying to finish it
5-6: Day 1 monochromatic study ~30min, charcoal self portrait sketch
7: Day 2 introduced color ~1 hour
8: Day 3 James has us apply disparate zones of color to avoid muddiness ~4 hrs
9: Day 4 imaginative color ~3.5 hrs

#fawc #fineartsworkcenter #painting #figurativepainting #art #provincetown

I’m not a morning person but I got myself out of bed this morning at 6:19am and jogged out to the beach. It feels like the end of the earth here, and was a great way to ease back into running after a couple months of PT due to knee problems.

We on a boat 🛥! En route to Provincetown! So happy rn with @skuhlke

Many thanks to all who came to celebrate our engagement with @skuhlke and me this past Saturday. We feel truly #blessed to have formed so many deep and long-lasting friendships with people here in NY.

#engagedAF #PAJPASsion #engaged #picnic #prospectpark #frands

Had my portrait taken at work about a month ago. I forgot and didn’t wear makeup or wash my hair or plan my outfit accordingly, so you can see how naturally eyelash-deficient I am, and the photographer had to photoshop out a loose piece of hair. But it’s otherwise a decent photo. Maybe I’ll use it for LinkedIn. But maybe not.

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