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Today my heart breaks in sorrow as it wishes to be by your side as you are being laid to rest. As we are saying goodbye to you you are taking a piece of my heart with you. I am reliving all my memories of you on end and I am welcoming grief in all its ways allowing all sorts of emotions to enter my heart just as you taught me. Today I feel anger towards your killer, love towards you and an emptiness in my heart because there was so much more I wished for you to experience. I hope you feel the love of all the hearts you touched across the globe. We are all in deep thoughts and prayers at this moment sending you on your last journey towards whatever is ahead of you.

• ENDOMETRIOSE • Endometriose ist eine chronische Erkrankung, in der Zellen, die der Gebärmutterschleimhaut ähneln, auf anderen Organen wachsen. Ziemlich so als würde man aus anderen Organen menstruieren. Dies verursacht chronische Entzündungen, Zysten, Verwachsungen und chronische Schmerzen.
Heute ist der erste Tag des endometriosis awareness month. 1 von 10 Frauen inklusive Transleute von überall auf der Welt leiden an dieser Krankheit und haben tagtäglich damit zu kämpfen. Das sind ungefähr 176 Millionen Menschen. Im Durchschnitt dauert es 7 Jahre bis man eine Diagnose erhält und vermehrfacht wird es runtergespielt als Stress, normale Menstruationsbeschwerden oder mit den Worten "es ist nur in deinem Kopf". Es ist enorm unterfinanziert und es gibt keine Heilung. Behandlungen beinhalten künstliche Wechseljahre, Hormone, Operationen und alternative Medizin. Allerdings garantieren keine Behandlungen einen langfristigen Erlass der Schmerzen. Und dazu gilt Endometriose auch als einer der Hauptgrund von weiblicher Unfruchtbarkeit.
Stell dir vor du haettest jeden Tag Periodenschmerzen mit Verdauungsproblemen, Lebensmittelintoleranzen, chronische Erschöpfung, Übelkeit und Kopfschmerzen. Und 4-7 Tage im Monat hast du dann auch noch Wehen. Nur weisst du nicht ob du jemals Kinder bekommen kannst oder tausende an $$$ fuer künstliche Befruchtungen zahlen musst. Das ist die Realität von uns 1 von 10.
Fuer endometriosis awareness month habe ich mich mit Annie von @allaboutannieblog zusammen getan. Sie hat diesen Wärmegürtel kreiert, der nie erwärmt werden muss, da er heiss wird sobald er in Kontakt mit deiner Haut kommt. Unter anderem hat sie auch noch jegliche Awareness T-Shirts und Merchandise in ihrem Shop. Fuer den gesamten Monat März hat sie einen riesigen Sale und ab April habe ich auch einen Discount Code fuer euch.
Endometriose tritt so häufig auf, jedoch wissen die wenigsten darüber Bescheid. Macht darauf aufmerksam. (Schaut meine story für mehr Informationen)

* ENDOMETRIOSIS - nuclear war between ovaries and uterus •

Endometriosis is a chronic condition in which tissue similar to the lining of the uterus grows outside of the uterus and on other organs. Basically menstruating from other organs causing chronic inflammation, cysts, adhesions and chronic pain.

Today is the first day of endometriosis awareness month. 1 in 10 women and transpeople are affected. That's about 176 million women including trans people around the world that fight a battle with this chronic illness on a daily basis. On average it takes 7 years to receive a diagnosis and is often down played as stress, normal menstrual pain or as "it's all in your head". It is severely underfunded and requires surgical treatment from an endometriosis excision specialist which is extremely expensive. There is no cure. Treatments include artificial menopause, hormones, surgery and alternative medicine. And none of them guarantee a long lasting relief of pain. Furthermore it is also one of the leading causes for infertility in women.
Imagine experiencing normal menstrual pain every single day of your life alongside digestive problems, food intolerances, chronic fatigue, nausea and headaches. And on top of that you will be in labour for 4 to 7 days every single month. But the twist is - you never know if you will be able to have children or will have to spend thousands of $$$ on IVF treatments. This is the reality of us 1 in 10.
For endometriosis awareness month I partnered up with Annie from @allaboutannieblog . She created this heating belt which fits underneath all your clothing, never needs to be reheated since it heats up the moment it comes into contact with your skin and she also has a range of awareness t-shirts and merch. For the entire month of March she is having a huge sale on her website and once March has passed I will also have a discount code for you guys in case you want to order later on.
Endometriosis is so common yet so unknown amongst physicians and society at large. Spread the awareness. (watch my story for more information)

The last few days have been awful. My heart hurts. My head hurts. My entire body hurts. I’m stuck on the couch and grief has sky rocketed the worst flare up this year. I’m not sure if I can’t feel my legs anymore or if they hurt so bad that i’d rather cut them off. I can barely walk by myself, neither can I make myself something to eat or get a glass of water. My heating pad isn’t hot enough yet burns my skin. I’m having hot flushes and just want to live in the shower. I’ve probably watched every show on netflix and every toxic reality tv show there is. I’m angry and want this endo flare to be over so I can just be sad. Just sad without feeling like a chainsaw is sitting in my pelvis. Rant over.

I’m trying to wrap my head around how someone could have done that to you. How someone could be this violent without any mercy to a person so kind and gentle like you were. Im repeating the scenario in my head over and over again and wonder how you must have felt. How walking to work were the last steps you’d take in this lifetime. I want to believe that you are happy and free now but my mind won’t allow me. You didn’t deserve to leave this early. To be forced to leave by the hand of someone that by god I hope will be found and will get what he deserves. I hope you weren’t scared. I hope you felt at peace when you left us.

my man and our son 🐶😛

I still can’t grasp how someone that has dedicated his life to non violence was forced to leave this world in such a horrific violent way. I’m not good at writing my feelings down but I hope you know that I am forever in your debt for all the things you have taught and showed me. You’ve played a major part in where I am at now. And I feel immensely grateful for calling you my friend. You were one of the kindest, strongest and most honest people I have ever met. You wore your heart on your sleeve and always went above and beyond to make your friends feel loved and cared for. Today I spent a lot of time thinking of you and how annoyed I’d get at the sound you made when you ate and clapped your spoon on the plate. I remembered the endless hours of late nights in the reading room with you and @chuzbell and I remember your voice and your mumbling and the many funny animal videos we watched and sharing italian and german rap music with each other. Thank you for teaching me to be kinder to myself. I wish I could have hugged you one more time 💜

sorry not your insta fashionista from berlin 🤷🏽‍♀️ i’m here for the hoodies and convenience of fanny packs 😛 || ps: the hoodie says “death in my metal not in my meals” 🤟🏾 💀

these vegan fried ‘chicken’ tenders are just too good to resist 🤤 we deserved some good fast food after yesterdays hectic day

i’m in love with watching laddus personality develop as he grows older. He’s still a puppy - only about 9 months old but certain characteristics are developing and it’s so much fun to watch! I did see a 13 week old puppy today and thought I’d need to add another puppy to the family 🙈 but for now I actually can’t wait for him to get out of puppyhood

vivaha samskara • one year ago • so much has happened since and I am utterly grateful to walk this life with you

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