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FASTING & ENDOMETRIOSIS (deutsch in den kommentaren)
hot topic - i know. Difficult topic. My ego was in the way until I actually gave it another shot. And it did help a few of my symptoms (for now) so why not give it a try and research a bit more?
Now - first of all I need to aknowledge that everyone is different and what works for some might not work for others. Fasting is also not a cure for endo. There is no cure. It only helps me with certain symptoms.
For some time now I’ve been doing intermittent fasting (16-18 hours fasting & 8-6 hours eating) and I’ve never felt better. I’m not pain free, mornings are still difficult for me and my period this time was still painful but by far not as painful as it normally is. In fact - it’s been the best period in probably three years 🤞🏾.While I was still bed ridden on the first two days - I didn’t scream and cry in agony for seven days straight. My fatigue is a little bit less as well - not significantly but still worth mentioning. I even fitted a workout in today (day 4) - i did regret it though and nearly passed out in the end. Not recommended 😅

My digestion (which a lot of my pain was coming from) is MUCH better since my body actually finds the time to digest what I eat and I feel like a lot of inflammation has been decreased which is actually scientifically proven to be a benefit of fasting.
Other benefits of fasting include multiplying of stem cells which have the ability to regenerate damaged and weak tissue, increase in BDNF (brain derived neurotrophic factor) which regulates your serotonin metabolism and cognitive function and fasting also claims to modulate hormones.
Anyhow. I’m trying to be as fit as I can for my surgery in June to ease my recovery and fasting has definitely made quite an impact in how I feel on a daily basis. I do not want to draw major conclusions yet because it’s been my first month and period since I truly committed to the process but if I can feel a difference in such a short time I am curious as to how much change is still ahead of me.. Oh and besides the fact that I physically and mentally feel better. I also lost about 12kg’s since our wedding last year (...)

currently stuck on the couch with a rollercoaster of pain and nausea but with way too much motivation to go for a run 🏃🏽‍♀️ and a swim 🏊🏽‍♀️

bye bye und bis bald bruder @adinaselin liebe dich! 🤟🏾🖤

sunny days are slowly coming to an end, i’ve got a new pyjama and am absolutely fine with hanging on the couch and watching way too much bachelor in paradise 😂

@abbymnorman was so kind to send me a copy of her book which I have been wanting to read for a very long time. Within the first five minutes I already learned something new, not even about #endometriosis but about different perceptions of pain and how sexism easily determines what treatment and diagnosis we receive. It’s really inclusive of queer people as well which i often find to be lacking in the endo community. I recommend this book not only to endo sufferers or people with uteruses but to anyone who or whose loved ones has undergone the torture of making doctors believe your pain.

currently in bed feeling my uterus swell up getting ready for period 1/3 before my surgery 💪🏾 i’ve really pushed myself the last few weeks, been out every day, no naps, lots of walking and i’m probably gonna sleep for three weeks straight after this coming weekend but hey .. it was worth it pushing through the morning pains every day! How else would I get to see this stunning sunset? However.. i’m still scared as hell for this coming endo period after last month’s what felt like a near death experience🙈 #endometriosis

count your blessings ✨

never been a big fan of smoothie bowls but this snickers bowl with açai from @cardamompodbrickworks is to die for 😋🤟🏾

someone asked me the other day if my dog has been my saving grace and it couldn’t have been more accurate

the staff accidentally got our order wrong which can happen on a busy saturday but instead we got an additional meal for free and now we’re full for the rest of the day 😋 #vegan

it’s funny how the body gets used to different climates and starts reacting differently to temperatures. You europeans hate me for saying that I freeze as soon as it’s “only” 20 degrees but i froze my butt off and put a jacket on straight after this picture was taken 😂

me indulging in vegan ramen 😋🤟🏾

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