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  »⛓enjoyin' the ride// wannabe journalist & rock n roll enthusiast///Black Sabbath matters//⛓«🍒⚡️🦂

"(David Bowie I love you) Since I was six" ▶️ #brianjonestownmassacre 💿

Forever wishin me n this shirt never went our separate ways....maybe the buckle too @the_owls_attic

Way back when I spent an entire day driving to different springs with the homies🐊 /// @ryan_mickelson_ @mattchap601 🎥:@vbevs /// miss y'all 💔

Love me two times babe/I'm goin away.

It's like there's no room to nap

Ozzy n wranglers///🖤@shophellbound 🖤///probably not the best look to speak with my college advisor but it's god damn hot out.

So glad yer comin back. No one calls me a Hungarian wench quite like you do @goodnews_its_a__suppository 🖤🖤🖤 #goodtimesbadfriends

Pig Floyd turned 3 today. So here's another round of photos. Cheers to my Australian water hog. I like him more than you.

Practically everything in this corner cost me 8 bucks (except the cigar box guitar...) finally mastered the art of bartering with gypsies

A few months away from being in the presence of gods. So many gods @psycholasvegas

All these weddings lately got me feelin super sappy 🖤🥀

Pure happiness. '4 chicks one nick' won trivia tonight. After weeks/months of playin. Love y'all 🌈

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