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A Day in a Life...My day ends as it begins...med time. I can't sleep without the assistance of medication. Sometimes I hear the judgement of others as I take these pills but I can't afford to listen to them because I have too much to do...love on my kids at work,finish my social work practicum,travel the globe and plan world domination! Today was a neutral day; some ups and some downs but overall neutral. People with mental illness are often considered negative, lazy, or weak. It takes positivity to get up when faced with depression, it takes hard work to manage every day life on top of illness and it takes strength to go to bed and say let's do tomorrow. Good night x #bellletstalk

A Day in a Life...Living with Mental Illness is like driving at night in the middle of nowhere... you know there are other people out there but you just can't see them.#bellletstalk

On my way to an interprofessional learning class I passed by one of the office buildings I used to see one of my mental health professionals in. It took a long time to establish a strong professional support team but I am privileged to have an incredible group of professionals cheering me on and going far beyond their call of duty. Most people don't have the support I do. Our systems are overworked and professionals underpaid. We often don't get the consistent and regular help we need. $ and resources dictate support available rather than need. #bellletstalk

Day in a Life...Holding your breath when paying for things. Had a "me too" moment with someone explaining how to this day they hold their breath paying for things because having lived below the poverty line for so long they still worry they won't have money despite being comfortable now. Having been a recipient of the SK Assured Income for Disability (SAID), I know what it means to hold your breath hoping you have enough money left to pay for the necessities. SAID program provides less than a living amount for those genuinely unable to work Bc or disabilities such as mental illness. The lack of $ given forces people to chose between therapy or food, rent or gas etc. What's more the system and process of applying is designed to shame and humiliate recipients. Thankfully I no longer need the program but so many do and it makes living with mental illness even harder. #bellletstalk #bradwall @cbcsask

A Day in a Life...living with mental illness I struggle getting up in the morning which can result in me running late. This morning I forgot to take my meds in my usual morning fight to get up and out. Just remembered so washing my meds down with a cup of coffee. For me meds are part of caring for myself. If I had diabetes people wouldn't question my use of insulin but they do question the use of this equally life saving med. Treating myself to a cup of coffee is another self-care practice I use in living with mental illness. Sometimes though I feel like doing the opposite I just got to be kind to myself. #letstalk #bellletstalk #livedexperience

A face of mental illness. Intelligent, Creative, Compassion and "mentally ill" #letstalk

Loved hearing these gems perform last night during the Stoon leg of their tour. @aygray loved you too just your pic wasn't the most flattering haha! @adamtysdal @karrinatizz

Quotes to life by. A lesson from my international practicum: While exploring the African wildness in my safari shorts and matching hat I came across an amazing discovery in between wrestling a crocodile and watching a giraffe fight a cheetah...I discovered that unicorns are real and they have curves!!

It might be cold but winter is so pretty

Quotes to live by. Courage arising

Reminder to self #quotestoliveby

Penguin Massacre! Pinterest epic fail #kidsbaking #pinterestfail @janeosoup

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